The Church of St George in Kyustendil by Nikomla via Wikipedia cc
The Church of St George in Kyustendil by Nikomla via Wikipedia cc
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Top 12 Things to Do in Kyustendil, Bulgaria

Amazing Activities & Attractions in Kyustendil

Bucket List: Top 12 Best Things to See and Do Kyustendil, Bulgaria

The historical town of Kyustendil or formerly known as Pautalia, back in the Roman period, is a beautiful city to visit if you’re into century-old buildings. In addition, there are loads of things to do in Kyustendil, Bulgaria, from enjoying the traditional spa and public bathhouse to enjoying creative arts.

So to know more about the Orchard Garden of Bulgaria, here are the 12 things to do in Kyustendil, Bulgaria.

Strimon Garden Spa Hotel

Strimon Garden Spa Hotel photo via FB Page
Strimon Garden Spa Hotel photo via FB Page

One of the top things to do in Kyustendil is to experience the thermal sulfur spring that the city boasts. And there is no better place than to go the luxurious 1960s and only 5-star accommodations throughout the province, the Strimon Garden Spa Hotel.

Kyustendil Park Hotel

Although the province is long known for its traditional spa center, there are only two hotels providing spa services. Apart from the Simon Garden Spa Hotel, the Kyustendil Park Hotel has stunning scenery, with its location at the foot of Hissarlaka Hill.

Hisarlaka Fortress

Hisarlaka Fortress, Kyustendil by Giligan via Wikipedia cc
Hisarlaka Fortress, Kyustendil By Gligan – Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0, cc

For better views of the province and history exploration, head up to the Hissarlaka Fortress. The medieval fortress was built back in the 4th to 5th century with 14 towers and one of the major attractions in Hissarlaka Hill. Despite being severely damaged by the Ottomans in the 15th century, the fortress remains beautiful.

Vladimir Dimitrov Art Gallery

Vladimir Dimitrov Art Gallery by Svilen Enev via Wikimedia cc
Vladimir Dimitrov Art Gallery By Svilen Enev, CC BY-SA 3.0, cc

A must-stop for art enthusiasts, the Vladimir Dimitrov Art Gallery offers a great exhibition of Master Vladimir Dimitrov himself. It is the best place to lose yourself in timeless art with over 1300 paintings from the Master and 3180 collections from renowned Bulgarian artists.

Boulevard Bulgaria

Boulevard Bulgaria by zonemars via Wikimedia cc
Boulevard Bulgaria By zonemars, CC BY-SA 3.0, cc

To explore more of the province’s great offerings, walk through the massive pedestrian district at Boulevard Bulgaria. The city center is the perfect place to enjoy people-watching, catch sight of historic mansions, and enjoy local cuisine, from charcuterie boards and wine to coffees and pastries.

Regional Historical Museum

Regional Historical Museum Kyustendil via Archaeology Bulgaria FB Page
Regional Historical Museum Kyustendil via Archaeology Bulgaria FB Page

Recognized as one of the oldest museums in Bulgaria, the Regional Historical Museum is the ideal place to learn the town’s deep history. The facility features an impressive collection of artifacts from the ancient, medieval, and modern periods of Kyustendil throughout its five permanent exhibits.

Prokofieva House

Another must-see for history and art appreciation, the Prokopieva House is the oldest Bulgarian revival structure in town, located across the city square and near the city hall. The building originally had two floors, became three stories in the 19th century, and was a former Hellenic school.

Iron Bridge

Iron Bridge Kyustendil by jivak11 via Wikimapia cc
Iron Bridge Kyustendil by jivak11 via Wikimapia cc

Located next to the Municipal Drama Theater, the Iron Bridge is where the exquisite statues line up. The historic bridge date back to 1909, where the Ottoman entrance Nis Tower stands before and is known for being the oldest bridge providing passage through the Banshtitsa River.

Dervish Bath

Kyustendil was famous centuries ago for having roman baths that now serve as tourist spots. Built-in 1566, the Dervish bath is an Ottoman structure made out of red bricks and stone blocks and functioned until 1992.

Chifte Bath

Chifte Bath - Cifte Hamam mineral bath in Kyustendil by Edal Nton Lefterov via Wikimedia cc
Chifte Bath – Cifte Hamam mineral bath in Kyustendil By Edal Anton Lefterov – Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0, cc

Apart from the Dervish Bath, the Chifte Bath is another famous bathhouse. The original structure was built by Suleiman Pasha in 1489, covering the Roman Thermae ruins. At present, Chifte Bath is open to the public, which was redesigned by Hristo Kovachevski, featuring male and female sections and three pools each section.

Church of Saint George

The Church of St George in Kyustendil by Nikomla via Wikipedia cc
The Church of St George in Kyustendil By Nikomla – Own work, Public Domain, cc

Church of Saint George is a well-preserved medieval Orthodox church back in the 10th to 11th century, surrounded by a garden full of flowers. The church has a byzantine cross, central dome, frescoes with its square floor plan, now serving as a museum with century-old wall icons.

Ahmed Bey Mosque

Being ruled by the Ottomans for over 500 years, Kyustendil had 17 mosques, but only two were preserved today, including the Amhed Bay Mosque. Located beside the ruins of Roman Thermae, the structure was the oldest mosque in the city built back in the mid-15th century.


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Our Top Hotel Picks for Kyustendil, Bulgaria

  • Strimon Garden SPA Hotel – This elegant spa hotel is a 3-minute walk from the Art Gallery Vladimir Dimitrov-Maystora and 7 minutes walk from the 15th-century Mosque Ahmed Bey.
  • Hotel Ramira [check rates and availability] – Ramira is a family-run hotel in downtown Kyustendil, Bulgaria. It is situated in a quiet street, right next to Vladimir Dimitrov – The Master Gallery.

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