TESDA Free Reflexology Course Online

Massage Therapy Course at TESDA Online Program for Free

Free Massage Therapy Course offered at TESDA Online Program

Free Reflexology Course at TESDA Online Program

TESDA has provided thousands of Filipinos with education and skill training to gear them with the appropriate knowledge and skills to land a job or advance in their career. Since most Filipinos who have wanted to undergo training and take technical courses are either don’t have the means or lack time to do so, TESDA is offering Free Online Courses through TESDA Online Program. Some of the Free Online Courses that TESDA offers are electronics, automotive, entrepreneurship, and Reflexology courses or Massage Therapy NC II.

Free Massage Therapy Course offered at TESDA Online Program
Free Massage Therapy Course offered at TESDA Online Program.

Since most of the time, many people are too busy with their work, they may experience and suffer body pains that make it even harder for them to work or become restless, resulting in being unproductive. There are also cases that due to some health complications, a regular visit to a massage therapist will be recommended by a doctor to ease the patient’s suffering and help in recovery. That’s why massage therapists have become one of the most sought-after careers globally.

Fortunately, aspiring Filipino massage therapists can now take the free Reflexology Course or Massage Therapy NCII at TESDA Online Program to pursue their career and have a greater edge on getting employed.

Reflexology TESDA Online

The Reflexology Course or Massage Therapy NCII falls under Health, Social and other Community Development Services. The course duration when taking the Reflexology Course at the training center takes 560 hours to complete. But since TESDA is offering Reflexology Course Online, the enrollees can study at their own pace.
Some of the basic skills that enrollees can learn on this course are:

  • Proper administering of standard first aid
  • Managing good social relationships with patients
  • Abiding with the rules and regulations in the workspace
  • Conducting assessment before delivering a therapeutic massage
  • Preparing treatment to deliver therapeutic massage
  • Utilizing various techniques for therapeutic massage

Reflexology Techniques under Massage Therapy NCII

  • Swedish Massage- was developed in Sweden and Europe, consisting of 5 modules.
  • Shiatsu Massage- was developed by ancient Chinese, consists of 2 modules.
  • Thai Massage- was developed in Thailand and has long been applied by Indians, consists of 2 modules.

How to enroll in TESDA Online Program?

To enroll at TESDA Online Program, you can easily register using a laptop or mobile phone. Follow the steps below to enroll in a Reflexology Course and other Free TESDA Online Courses.

  • Create an email address. It is where TESDA Online Program will send the confirmation to your registration.
  • Visit the sign-up page at and then fill up the necessary details, including your name, address, birthday, email address, password, and username.
  • After registering, you will receive a confirmation link from TESDA to your email address.
  • Click the confirmation link, and then you will be directed to the TESDA Online Program, where you can choose the courses of your preference.

After studying free online courses at TESDA Online Program, you can get a certificate on the online courses you take. Once you are geared enough, you can visit TESDA accredited assessment center to have an on-site assessment to obtain a National Certification for the online courses you take.


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