Tam-awan Village : Baguio’s Cultural Hub

Igorot Cultural Performers at Tamawan Village

My Baguio trip would not have been complete without visiting Tam-Awan Village.

It has been five years since I first celebrated my birthday in Baguio and I just celebrated my fifth year a week ago.

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Rice God

Baguio City if my place of comfort, apart from the cold temperature that everyone loves, this place never runs out of things to offer.

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Souvenir Shop Tamawan Village

Tam-awan is an indigenous term which means Vantage Point, It is located in a higly elevated area in the northwestern part of the City. The road to Tam-awan village is also a well known shortcut to La Trinidad Benguet. One can take a short trek and a cultural immersion while discovering Cordilleras colorful past.

tam-awan village cultural hub
Tamawan Village

This Garden in the sky is located at Pinsao Proper, just about 20 minutes drive from the Session Road. This cultural hub is home to many works of art from famous artists of Benguet. You can find different cultural books, paintings in various mediums; rice and strawberry wines, native handicrafts and souvenir items for sale in Tam-Awan Village souvenir shop.

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Arts and Crafts

The village also offers unique Ifugao accommodation by offering vernacular architecture of the Cordilleras. It has coffee shop called Tam-awan Cafe which also serves as the tourist information office for visitors. Make sure to try out Tam-awan’s Benguet Coffee, probably one of the best Philippine coffee Ive ever tasted.

tam-awan village
Paintings for Sale

Tam-awan Village is managed and maintained by Chanum Foundation, Inc., – a non profit organization that aims to promote the sights and sounds of the cordillera region. Entrance to Tam-awan costs P50.00 per head which includes a short eco tour in the village.

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Tam-awan Garden

You can also visit Tam-awan by Jeep which has a terminal located near the Baguio City Market.

  1. Baguio City Phoriac says

    Tam-awan Village is also a hangout of local artists (painters, sculptures, etc.). 🙂

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