Taichung Animation Alley: a visual feast for anime and cartoon lovers

Popular characters in some of the most successful shounen animes of all time

Taichung Animation Alley in Taichung City

The Animation Alley in Taiwan that is famous for its street art depicting popular anime and cartoon characters is located in Taichung City, a bustling metropolis renowned for its extensive night markets and is the country’s third-largest city.

A huge dedication to Super Mario
A huge dedication to Super Mario

Taichung street art

Taiwan street art is incredible, and Taichung houses many colorful neighborhoods as well. Take the famous Rainbow Village, for example, which tops the itinerary of any quick visit to Taichung. The graffitis at Qianyue Building is also not far off.

But alas, for anime and cartoon lovers, our gold is on the Animation Alley.

The colorful Animation Alley

Located on a set of narrow alleys in downtown Taichung is this fun street art destined to steal the hearts of anime and cartoon fans. It’s actually pretty easy to miss, but once you see the Totoro bus stop, you’re already on the first arc of your adventure.

The main attraction is the bestselling anime of all time_ One Piece
The main attraction is the bestselling anime of all time_ One Piece

A huge painting dedicated to One Piece comes right after. This piece is stated to be the centerpiece of the Animation Alley and is said to have been the art that started it all. Neighbors admired it and people took notice of it that the artist was encouraged to paint more. Other artists soon followed.

The OG basketball anime_ Slam Dunk
The OG basketball anime_ Slam Dunk

As huge fans of Eiichiro Oda’s work, this One Piece art is also the reason why we visited this alley in the first place. And it did not disappoint, because after the major showcase came other paintings dedicated to the Strawhat crew, the infamous brothers Luffy, Ace, and Sabo, and the farewell of Shanks.

Everyone's favorite trio in One Piece
Everyone’s favorite trio in One Piece

Another visual feast is an entire art wall dedicated to characters from some of the most popular animes, including Hunter x Hunter, Bleach, Gintama, Katekyo Hitman Reborn!, Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood, and One Punch Man. There are also dedications to sports animes like Slam Dunk, Kuroko’s Basketball, and Haikyu!!

Popular characters in some of the most successful shounen animes of all time
Popular characters in some of the most successful shounen animes of all time

On the cartoon side, we see Looney Tunes, Despicable Me, Lilo & Stitch, Angry Birds, and Popeye arts, to name a few. And then we have the vibrant horizontal Super Mario art that is the stuff of our childhood nostalgia.

Claw Machines and other attractions

According to Atlas Obscura, Taiwan is in the clutches of a claw machine craze. Taichung is easily part of the mix, and the Animation Alley is proof enough. A number of claw machines with anime and cartoon-related prizes are found here.

Roronoa Zoro is tired of waiting inside the claw machine
Roronoa Zoro is tired of waiting inside the claw machine

Visitors can also purchase toys and other items from shops near the entrance. They sell souvenirs which include comic books, keychains, and shirts. According to people from TripAdvisor, there are also a few cafes nearby.

A ten-minute walk from Animation Alley is Liuchuan Riverside Walk. It is a lovely place to take a stroll in the heart of Taichung. Formerly a sewage drain, the city turned it upside down into a tourist attraction brimming with clear waters and fun walkways.

Following Slam Dunk's footsteps is Kuroko no Basket
Following Slam Dunk’s footsteps is Kuroko no Basket

How to get there

Many tourists visit Taichung on a day trip from Taipei, which is only an hour away via the High-Speed Rail (HSR) Train. Depending on where you are in Taichung, you may take the bus and drop off at Lin Sen Sanmin Rd. Intersection. The address is No. 100 Linsen Road, Xi District, Taichung City 403. On Google maps, it’s pinned as Painted Animation Lane.

Animation Alley is a great stop for both kids and adults with the love for animated masterpieces both long gone and still running. The tour may be quick but it sure does not fall short of the nostalgia and adoration that follows the wake of achieving our long-held dream of seeing our favorite characters past the screen and in real life.

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