Summer Travel Tips: Get the Best Airline Ticket Deals

These days it can be hard to find great deals on flights, not because the deals aren’t out there, but because of the way that every carrier has a different strategy for additional fees. The typical strategies are still important: book in advance, try to monitor rates and see if they go down a bit, and sign up for email alerts for specials and deals. For example, if you “like” the AirAsia Philippines Facebook page, you’ll see their low fares as soon as they become available.

How to get the Best Airline Ticket Deals
How to get the Best Airline Ticket Deals

Common Additional Fees and How to Avoid Them

These days you’ll pay for bags, food, and even entertainment on some airlines. You’ll pay extra if you want to sit in a comfortable seat with enough leg room and the cheapest options are often the flights where you don’t get to pick a seat at all.

AirAsia Pre-booked Baggage
AirAsia Pre-booked Baggage

Save on Pre-Booked Baggage

AirAsia is also a good example of how you can save money on an airfare in terms of additional fees. For example, like many airlines, AirAsia charges for additional baggage. However, if you pre-book your baggage online, you’ll save 60% as compared with the price you pay at the airport the day you fly.

AirAsia Affordable Hot Meals
AirAsia Affordable Hot Meals

Save on Pre-Booked Hot Meals

Many airlines also now charge for food specially the low cost airlines, which can get expensive if you’re unprepared. Being a frequent traveler, I learned that you can save by booking your food prior to your flight. AirAsia offers a pre-booked meal option at 20% of the price on the plane, and you can choose the hot meal of your choice to ensure you get what you want.

Take advantage of Hot Seat (Pick-a-seat)

And as for getting good seats, while AirAsia has low rates, they do allow you to save money by not choosing a seat ahead of time. If you’re up for it, you can simply try to arrive earlier than the others who are looking for empty seats but you cannot choose the hot seat which normally has a extra leg room. But if you’re traveling with family or a group, you probably want to make sure you get to sit together. AirAsia has a promotion called Hot Seats, which is similar to many carriers these days. You pay a bit extra in order to book your seats in advance, including seats with a bit of extra leg room.

Watch Out for Third Party Sites!

A lot of the budget ticket comparison websites are a great way to find a great fare, but buyer beware because many of those sites track your activities closely. If you’ve checked the same fare a few days in a row, they may actually lower the price just barely in order to get you to buy. Sometimes it’s best to check the airline site first.

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