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Sudden Plan- Should You Travel Without An Itinerary?

  • PinayTravelJunkie : Lets go to Baguio!
  • Melo: When?
  • PinayTravelJunkie: hmmm this weekend?
  • Melo: Ok lets go! Wait what are we going to do there?
  • PinayTravelJunkie: Eat, Drink, Shop and anything in between:)

Sometimes, We all have a sudden plan of getting out on travel, but we don’t have any itinerary so the first question will always be “What are we going to do?”  Should you travel or not, well to help you out with that thought here are the advantages and disadvantages that you are going to face when you have decided to travel without an itinerary.

Gay and Luna Emami in Capadoccia Turkey
Gay and Luna Emami in Capadoccia Turkey

“I dont follow trip itineraries because our activities rely on what our 3 year-old daughter feels like doing at a certain moment.” – PinayTravelJunkie

Advantages of traveling without an itinerary

Flexibility:  How often have you needed to stay in a specific place yet you couldn’t do so in view of your itinerary? Spontaneous travel offers you the opportunity to wait and truly get to know and enjoy a specific spot. And therefore you have the opportunity to explore that place even without the right itinerary.

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Elal Lasola in Batad Rice Terraces Ifugao
Elal Lasola in Batad Rice Terraces Ifugao

I often travel with itineraries, usually, so I could save time and effort when going to one place or another especially to a place I am visiting for the first time. But when I have the chance to go back to that place, I’d skip off the planning part and simply enjoy the place taking random photos. – www.elaljanelasola.com

Adventurous experience: There’s something exciting about going without a settled schedule. Something Interesting things could be just right around the corner. You could meet some interesting individuals or delight in the best supper you’ve ever consumed.

Ayn Latonio in Koh Nang Yuan Thailand
Ayn Latonio in Koh Nang Yuan Thailand

I don’t really like following itineraries because the best times were never right on schedule but were experienced during those unexpected twists, turns and detours. – Ayn Latonio of Mytravelremedy.com

Peace of mind: You won’t need to adhere to anybody’s calendar yet your own, and when you need to change plans, you can always do that. Everything that you are going to do for your travel will be for your own peace of mind. And therefore, you don’t have to be part of any hectic schedule.

Sinjin Pineda in Petronas Tower, Malaysia
Sinjin Pineda in Petronas Tower Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Currently, I believe I am still more of a traditional traveler. I play it safe when traveling so I make hotel reservations and plan itineraries way ahead of the trip so I could maximize my stay in the place and take advantage of early bird promos. – Sinjin Pineda of Libotero.com

Understanding and Learning More:  Going without an agenda provides you with the chance to visit out of the way place and meet individuals wherever you go. There’s no better approach to truly get to know a spot than to go like a nearby local.

Mc Pol Cruz in Mt. Tabayoc in Benguet
Mc Pol Cruz in Mt. Tabayoc in Benguet

I love traveling with an itinerary because it keeps me safe from unexpected events that may occur along the way. I always do my research to have an idea on what will happen on my trip, how much money should I bring to save, and what things should be included on my pack. I just want to be prepared on anything that may happen. – Mc Pol Cruz of Weekend Sidetrip

Disadvantages of travelling without an Itinerary

Journeying Pinay in Batanes
Journeying Pinay in Batanes

Traveling without plans is about meeting random kind people in random places; letting you in for shelter and protection from the cold and providing meals from the work of their hands for free, from the bottom of their hearts, without expecting anything in return, and making you part of their family, bidding you farewell that upon your return, you already know which house will welcome you back again. by Journeying Pinay

Strain: It could be distressing to arrive some place without the confirmation of a spot to stay for the night. For explorers used to plans and agendas, spontaneous travel could show a few challenges that become quite tough for them to handle. But if they could tackle these challenges blissfully then itinerary travel becomes the best part about their trip.

Matet Reyes in Dicasalarin Cove, Aurora
Matet Reyes in Dicasalarin Cove, Aurora

I usually travel without an itinerary because I always want to enjoy a destination at my own pace — taking as many photos as I can, savoring each local dish without having to rush to catch the next bus, and just simply enjoying the view. But I see to it that I have done my research well about the place. I always bring a list of spots to check out and the respective contact persons to get in touch to just in case. – Matet Reyes of Travelogues

Additional Cost: Contingent upon the season, going without pre-booked tickets could be more unmanageable than holding flights, train tickets and inn rooms ahead of time. On the other hand, a minute ago explorers can in some cases grab the markdown travel chances.

Micaela Rodriquez in Siquijor
Micaela Rodriquez in Siquijor

Spontaneity is the keyword! I love pursuing trips without a specific itinerary when I’m traveling solo or with a very close friend. It makes the trip a bit more exciting and memorable because you have less expectations on what to see on your desired destination. – Micaela Rodriquez of Senyorita.net

Transport Problems: While traveling without a minute by minute itinerary is much enjoyable because of time freedom, there are places that has limited means of transportation. Always take note of the Bus, Train or Flight schedules, it will be more costly if you miss your Bus or flight schedule.

Unforeseen Problems:  When you go without an itinerary, you may end up in circumstances you had not made arrangements for. Spontaneous travel is not the same thing as clueless travel; it bodes well for exploration the spots you think you may visit, maybe utilizing your nation’s authority site identified with travel wellbeing, so you realize what issues you may experience. It likewise bodes well for help check travel sites, for instance they are going to help you to discover the most recent data on historical centers, landmarks, national and state parks and whatever viable spots you know you will visit.



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