Stay and Sail Holidays: Perfect for the Kids

Stay and Sail Holidays.. The epitome of a twin centre holiday, stay and sail appeals to anyone, whether they have a love of land, sea or both. By heading to, you can choose from a whole host of stay and sail options, based in Greece and Turkey, which will seamlessly combine time at an incredible beach club with time aboard a flotilla.

Stay and Sail Holidays in Greece and Turkey
Stay and Sail Holidays in Greece and Turkey

Stay and Sail Holidays: Perfect for the Kids

The purpose of a stay and sail break is to merge two holiday types together – perfect if you’re unsure about how you’ll take to sailing as well as if you are travelling with children. While they will undoubtedly love a sailing stint, you can guarantee their happiness by spending some time at a beach resort that offers awesome children’s club activities too.


Whether you choose to enjoy the stay option before or after your stint on the sea, the amenities and facilities available will provide you and your family with a perfect week on dry land. Whether you choose to relax by the pool or take part in any of the inclusive activities is completely up to you.


From the stunning coastlines around Greece and Turkey to relaxing on board the flotilla before plunging into the azure waters in a secluded cove, the sailing aspect of a stay and sail holiday is ideal for anyone with a love of water. If you’ve never sailed before, arrange the ‘stay’ aspect to be before you venture out to sea, so that you can use the week to learn the basics you’ll need.

For children, the concept of a holiday on a yacht means a thrilling adventure. From the children’s clubs to the fun in store aboard the yacht, a stay and sail break will provide an unrivalled experience; you can guarantee that you and your kids will remember the holiday forever.
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    Greece is really an admirable country. The blue waters are incredible!

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