The Siren Graces Starbucks’ PH Anniversary Collection

[Manila, Philippines] The Siren has been the most important symbol of Starbucks ever since the coffee company welcomed its first loyal customers in 1971. Nothing has changed since then.

Starbucks Whole Bean and VIA Anniversary Blend
Starbucks Whole Bean and VIA Anniversary Blend

Starbucks is still giving out their signature blends in cups where the Siren is drawn in the middle. It’s an iconic symbol of Starbucks which was an inspiration during the formative years of the café. The design is an image of the two-tailed mermaid called Siren in Greek Mythology.

It’s the company’s way of acknowledging the seafaring roots of Seattle which is where Starbucks was founded and the fact that coffee, which is the main ingredient in their menu find its way to different branches of the café through sea travel.

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Starbucks Philippines Anniversary Collection Merchandises
Starbucks Philippines Anniversary Collection Merchandises

For the month of September, Starbucks Philippines is coming out with its limited edition Anniversary Collection entitled “Celestial Beauty of the Undersea” which of course features the Siren swimming in a sea of stars. It’s also celebrating its anniversary with a special Anniversary Blend with an exciting mix of aged Sumatra, Papua New Guinea and Indonesian coffees blended together to make one unique and over the top drink. They came up with an out of this world cup of spicy and strong flavors which resulted to a complex taste found in each sip. The Anniversary Blend comes in bean and VIA® format.

Different merchandise can be bought from this Anniversary Collection and the designs feature blue and white color with some copper too plus attractive sea elements which add a playful touch to the finish products. Loyal customers can also buy the limited edition Anniversary Blend Card with the Siren’s blue-green tail and copper-gold detail design. The card can be bought with a minimum Php500 activation.

The appearance of the Siren has seen some transformations through the years. In 1987, when Starbucks was turned into a coffeehouse, the Siren comes in an emerald green and more modern look then in 1992 the Siren was the main focus of the logo with some of her wavy hair and two tails.

Limited Edition Starbucks Philippines Anniversary Blend Card
Limited Edition Starbucks Philippines Anniversary Blend Card

In 2011, the Siren underwent a major change when the circle was removed and the iconic drawing remains to be seen in the cups which Starbucks gives out to their customers.

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