Smoking and Littering now banned in Boracay Beaches

Finally!!! Smoking and littering is now being prohibited in the beaches all over this World’s Famous Resort Island.

Smoking in Boracay
Smoking in Boracay

According to the latest news from Philippine News Agency, the Mayor of Malay Aklan said that their local government have already launched the information awareness campaign on the prohibition participated in by the residents, tourists and Muslim traders in this resort island in cooperation with other business organizations.

Violators cought will pay P500 per occurence and the said prohibition is embodied in the town’s Anti-Littering Ordinance No. 100, Series of 2009.

No Smoking Boracay
No Smoking in Boracay Beaches

“Streamers and posters are now spread all over the beaches of this resort island bearing the ‘For Boracay I Will’ campaign for the information of both the tourists visiting this resort island,” said Yap.

The “For Boracay I Will” campaign aimed to encourage tourists and residents to promote environmental cleanliness here. At least 20 municipal auxiliary policemen were tasked to monitor both tourists and residents found smoking or littering in the beaches.

The Department of Environment and Natural Resources has classified all beaches in this resort island public.
  1. Megat says

    This is very nice and cooling!! 🙂

  2. Brenna says

    This is such a relief. Finally. 🙂

  3. fitness girl says

    I simply would agree about that smoking and littering banned in Boracay.
    It’s just for us tourist, for our safety…..
    And the beaches there are all awesome

  4. Boracay says

    If all the plans and promises of the government shall be implemented, our country would be like a paradise.. 🙂

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