Sisig Showdown at Sisig Fiesta 2016

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THE FLAVORS of the Philippines, the month-long gastronomic festival this April, now on its second year, will be bringing the celebration to Pampanga with Sisig Fiesta 2016.

Sisig Fiesta 2016
Sisig Fiesta 2016

Sisig Fiesta 2016 is set on Friday, April 22, from 10 am. to 12 nn,  at the Angeles City Museum.  The event will showcase restaurants that will present their own distinct versions of sisig.

The highlight of the event will be Chef Sau del Rosario’s Avant-Garde Sisig, and Atching Lillian Borromeo’s Classic Sisig.

Atching Lillian is dubbed as the “Keeper of Pampanga’s Heirloom Recipes”. When she opened Kusina in Atching Lillian, local and foreign tourists started to get a wonderful glimpse of Pampanga’s unique delicacies such as adobong maputi, tidtad, paksing dimonyo, sweets like tibuk-tibuk, tamales, and the famous Panecillos de San Nicolas (San Nicolas Cookies).

Pork Sisig
Pork Sisig

Chef Sau, on the other hand, honors traditional Kapampangan and give the dishes a global twist at Café Fleur by Chef Sau in Angeles City. These dishes are the ones the celebrity chef knew while growing up and these are the same ones he is innovating on and creatively reinventing.

Now on its second year, Flavors of the Philippines will include a wide range of activities and events, from food tastings, meals, buffets and food exhibits, to community-wide fiestas, bazaars, and agri-fairs.


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