Road Trip Ideas for Spain


Road Trip Ideas for Spain

Forget Route 66 and the West Coast Pacific Highway, give Spain a try as it has some fantastic choices when it comes to road trips.

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Malaga – Nerja

Start your adventure in Malaga, and head out towards Nerja with its sandy coves sheltered by the magnificent mountains of Sierra de Almijara .

Sierra Nevada – Almeira

Head to the Sierra Nevada National Park, an absolute paradise for outdoor lovers. No amount of time spent here could really be enough to explore its lush pine forests and mountains. When you’ve finally found the will power to pull away, drive down to the charming port town of Almeira surrounded by majestic mountains which have served as filming locations for many a Western. Move on and experience the dramatic coastline of the Cabo de Gata and its secluded beaches lapped by crystal clear waters.

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Murcia – Seville – Granada

Drive to Murcia and explore its baroque cathedral that stands proudly in the Cardinal Belluga Square. The Murcian market-garden is very picturesque too. Your next stop must be Coradoba with its magnificent palaces and mosques. Then to Seville. This charming old town with its narrow winding streets exhibits some incredible architecture in the Renaissance Revival style, particularly around the Plaza de Espana and Parque Maria Luisa. Take a walk round and smell the oranges. Drive to Granada, the famed city of the Alahambra, with its beautiful gardens and impressive Basillica de San Jaun de Dios. Finish your adventure by dining in one the many tapas bars dotted around the city.

Option 2

Barcelona – Montserrat 

How about starting your epic road trip in Barcelona where you can enjoy a stroll down Las Ramblas and the Gothic Quarter before heading down towards the sea. Don’t forget one of the world’s most unique cathedrals, La Sagrada Familia. Head out towards Montserrat and enjoy the breathtaking views and the monastery up the mountains. You can drive up or take the train.

Valencia – Granada via Sierra Nevada

Afterwards, head to Valencia. It’s around 3 and a half hours to the city. If you want to stop for a break, try Tarrogona. Valencia is one of the most picturesque old Spanish cities and is mercifully depleted of tourists. Visit the cathedral, famed for its Holy Grail connection, before ascending the 205 steps to the top of the tower. Maybe explore the market, one of the oldest in the country, before walking around the Jardin del Turia, a former river which has long since dried up, but is now a picturesque park. After you’re saturated with Valencia head out to Granada via Sierra Nevada with its snow capped peaks. In Granada visit the cathedral and Generalife Gardens with its impressive water features.

Malaga – Mijas

Drive down to Malaga where you can enjoy the old town with its Renaissance architecture. Art lovers may like to go the Picasso Museum with its over 200 originals by the artist. Or maybe you just want to spend some time on the beach. If so, try Calahonda. Drive up the mountains to the charming village of Mijas with its whitewashed buildings that dazzle in the bright Mediterranean sun. Take in the fragrant air from the nearby pine forests and go for a wander through the winding streets. Do, incidentally, ensure you have adequate direct car excess insurance for peace of mind throughout your Spanish adventure.

Ronda – Seville

After Mijas, head to Ronda with its 250 year old Puente Nuevo Bridge that spans a chasm of 120 meters. Relax in the beautiful plaza that Ernest Hemingway wrote about. Explore the ruins of the Arab Baths hinting at the town’s Islamic past. Finally, take a drive to Seville where you can enjoy its cobbled streets and winding avenues, its beautiful plazas and cathedral. The cathedral, incidentally, claims to be the third largest in the world and is the final resting place of Christopher Columbus. Interestingly it was built on the site of a Muslim mosque the dome of which can still be seen

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