Travel Gears: Remora iPhone 5/5s Wallet Case Review

Travelers are often looking to minimize the amount of stuff they carry with them. We like the mini gadgets, the things that fit into small pockets, and shaving off weight here and there so we can comfortably go on any impromptu adventure that presents itself.

Remora iPhone Wallet Case
Remora iPhone Wallet Case

The Remora iPhone 5/5s Wallet Case is the embodiment of that minimizing attitude. More than just a protective case, the Remora iPhone 5/5s Wallet Case is also a minimal wallet that allows you to put your 2 most critical credit cards and a bit of cash right on the back of your iPhone.

Remora iPhone 5 Wallet Case
Remora iPhone 5 Wallet Case

The Good

Wow this baby is tiny. It barely adds any size or weight to the iPhone itself, making it one of the lightest and least imposing of iPhone cases on the market. It snaps on, protecting two corners and the back of the phone with strong polycarbonate. Buttons are not impeded, the camera, flash, and jacks are all easy to get to. And of course, there’s that little wallet space on the back. It’s a hard plastic holder that snaps in place and will securely hold your cards.

Remora Wallet Case for iPhone 5:5s
Remora Wallet Case for iPhone 5/5s

The Bad

Because of the way it’s designed, this isn’t much of a protective case. It’s ideal for travelers who want the option of heading out on the town without anything else. Slip your phone in your pocket and you’ve got everything you need – money, smartphone, and camera. But if you drop your iPhone and it falls on one of the corners that is not protected, the phone itself is going to get dinged.

If you’re like me and you think having a second iPhone 5/5s case that offers this kind of slim convenience, the Remora iPhone 5/5s Wallet Case is a great secondary option. But if you’re like me and you are afraid to drop your phone, this is not the all-the-time, everyday case for you.

Remora is available at their official website

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