Quiapo Fiesta 2016: Feast of the Black Nazarene 2016 Schedule of Activities, Traffic Advisory and Safety Reminders

Feast of The Black Nazarene 2016

Are you planning to join or witness the Feast of The Black Nazarene 2016 procession? Checkout the post below for Schedule of Activities, Traffic Advisory, Procession Route and Safety Reminders.

Feast of The Black Nazarene 2016
Feast of The Black Nazarene 2016 by Jsinglador – Own work. Licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0 via Commons

The Philippines is the only country in Asia that has predominantly catholic population. In Manila – the country’s capital, a yearly Feast of the Black Nazarene is being celebrated and it is considered as the biggest catholic procession in Asia. The Fest of Black Nazarene 2016 also known as Quiapo Fiesta or Pista ng Quiapo will be celebrated this coming January 9, 2016.

Every year, hundreds of thousands of Poong Nasareno devotees are joining the procession as part of their “panata” or devotion. The black image of Jesus is believed to be miraculous and anyone who touches the image will be blessed and healed and that is the very reason why devotees are taking the risk of joining the procession every year. This Feast of the Black Nazarene 2016 falls on a Wednesday.

Feast of the Black Nazarene 2016 Schedule of Activities

January 7, 2016

  • 3:00 PM – Procession of all Black Nazarene replicas from various groups

January 8, 2016

  • 1:00 PM – (Pahalik) Kissing of the replica of the Black Nazarene ( at the Quirino Grand Stand)
  • 5:00 PM – Vespers
  • 5:30 – 11:30 PM – Vigil Program the Quirino Grandstand
  • 12:00 MN – Holy Eurcharistic Mass
  • Overnight Vigil at the Quirino Grandstand  Luneta

January 9, 2016

  • 12:00 MN – 6:00 AM – Vigil Continuation at the Quirino Grandstand – start of the Procession Route 2016
  • 7:00 AM – Holy Mass then followed by the procession (Traslacion) of the Black Nazarene to from Quirino Grandstand to Quiapo Church

A replica of the Black Nazarene at Plaza Miranda
A replica of the Black Nazarene at Plaza Miranda – by denvie balidoy. Licensed under CC BY 2.0 via Commons

2016 Feast of the Black Nazarene Safety Reminders (source : Philippine Red Cross)

  • Leave your valuables at home including your cellphones, mobile phone signals are sometimes turned off for security purposes.
  • For Photographers, make sure to check the procession route and ask fellow experienced photographers for vantage points.
  • Advise your family. Ensure that your house is properly secured before you leave. All electrical devices must be unplugged.
  • Wear Comfortable clothes
  • Bring an ID withcontact information of any of your family member in case of emergency
  • Bring candies, crackers and refillable water bottle
  • Make sure you are physically fit, if not don’t risk
  • Avoidalcoholic drinks
  • Know the location and means of access towards the medical stations,police stations and other available authorities within the Black Nazarene 2016 Procession Route.

Feast of Black Nazarene Pictures
Feast of Black Nazarene Pictures – Photo credit: incrediblethots via Foter.com / CC BY-NC-ND

2016 Feast of The Black Nazarene Procession Route and Traffic Advisory

MMDA already announced various alternate routes for public utility vehicles and private motorists going to areas of Manila that is near the Black Nazarene procession routes (source: gmanetwork.com):

Feast of Black Nazarene 2016 Alternate routes

  • All vehicles coming from Quezon City through España should turn right at P. Campa, left Andalucia, right Fugoso, left T. Mapua to point of destination.
  • All PUJs/light vehicles coming from España going to South Pier Zone should turn left at Nicanor Reyes, right C.M. Recto Avenue, straight to R-10, then left at R-10 to Delpan Bridge to destination.
  • All vehicles coming from the northern part of Manila planning to go through Bonifacio Drive southbound should turn right at Roberto S. Oca St., left Delgado, left Bonifacio Drive (for Port Area Offices) or right to A. Soriano to Magallanes Drive, right P. Burgos, straight to Lagusnilad to Taft Avenue.
  • All vehicles from south of the metro planning to go through P. Burgos should take T.M. Kalaw, left Taft Avenue, right at Ayala to Ayala Bridge to destination.
  • Private vehicles intending to pass by northbound section of Roxas Boulevard should turn right at Pres. Quirino Avenue and take Mabini Bridge (Nagtahan Bridge) to point of destination.
  • All PUJs plying Monumento-Gasak-Recto intending to drive along Andalucia through Recto should turn right to Fugoso and right Oroqueta to point of origin.
  • All vehicles coming from Legard should turn right C.M. Recto Avenue or left Mendiola to destination.
  • All buses coming from the eastern part of Manila (G-Liner/RRCG) through Legarda should turn right C.M. Recto Avenue, right at Morayta, right at España, right at Lacson Avenue, right at Earnshaw then left at Legarda to point of origin.
  • All buses coming from Taft Avenue going to Fairview should turn right to U.N. Avenue up to Otis, left Nagtahan, straight to A.H. Lacson Avenue, right at España to point of origin.
  • All buses from the southern part of Manila (Laguna and Cavite) through Taft Avenue are not allowed to enter from 7 a.m. to 2 p.m.; they are only allowed up to Remedios Street, right San Marcelino back to point of origin.

How to Get to Quiapo Church:

Quezon Boulevard which is the main road to Quiapo Church will not be passable during the festival day and the best way to reach the Church is via LRT 1 and LRT 2.

  • Via LRT 2 – Get off at Recto Station then walk towards the church from Claro M Recto and Quezon Boulevard.
  • Via LRT 1 – Get off at Central Station or Carriedo Station then walk towards the The Minor Basilica of the Black Nazarene or most commonly known as Quiapo Church.

Best Places to Stay in Quiapo Manila during the Feast of the Black Nazarene 2016?

City State Hotel has one right beside the Quiapo Church and the other is near Hidalgo Street and Carriedo LRT Station right beside SM Cariedo.

Citystate Hotel Quiapo – beside Quiapo Church (book online)
Address: 475 Quezon Blvd. Cor. P. Paterno Quiapo, Santa Cruz, Manila, Philippines

Citystate Hotel Palanca – in front of SM Carriedo (book online)
Address: C. Palanca Sr. St., Manila, Santa Cruz, Manila, Philippines

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