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PLDT Home’s Wifi 6 Solutions make digital life better at home

Work, study, and play better with next-level connectivity!

Team out of Town Hub ( – Whether for work, studies, or bonding with the whole family, PLDT Home allows you to do all these better anywhere at home with the fastest PLDT Home Fibr paired with the latest and most powerful Wifi 6 technology.

PLDT Home offers the top-of-the-line Wifi 6 solutions in the Philippines that can deliver up to 1 Gbps speeds for lag-free browsing, seamless, simultaneous connectivity of multiple smart home devices, and equal upload and download speeds on any device and in any part of the home. In partnership with ASUS, PLDT Home enables its subscribers to enjoy the best Wifi 6 solutions in the market – ASUS ZenWiFi and ROG Rapture

Strongest Whole Home Coverage

With the Wifi 6 solutions from PLDT Home, you can power all corners of your home with the fastest internet speeds (more than twice faster than ordinary routers) and experience increased Wifi signal range to ensure that in every part of your home, you get to enjoy PLDT Home’s seamless and fastest connectivity.


Two units of Asus ZenWiFi mesh routers can cover up to 5,500 square feet or about six (6) rooms with high speed Internet using its tri-band mesh system. It’s also the best connectivity solution that can deliver the highest resolutions for seamless streaming of 4K and true 8K UHD content.

PLDT Home ASUS ZenWiFi Photo
PLDT Home ASUS ZenWiFi Photo

The ASUS ZenWiFi router allows users to experience more efficient, stable, and faster connections even when multiple devices are being used at the same time through its AiRadar 2.0 Beamforming feature that automatically detects a device and enables it to focus on the router with the best wifi signal for faster, clearer and stronger connection. ASUS ZenWifi is user-friendly that it’s easy to set up and control via the ASUS Router app.

Most importantly, PLDT Home ensures internet safety for every subscriber with its Wifi 6 solutions’ security features that block internet threats for all connected devices at home.

Powerful Gaming Experience

For gamers, unleash your full gaming potential with the ASUS ROG Rapture. The battle-ready Wifi 6 router is designed with just one mission in mind: be your strongest gaming connection. Packed with powerful optimizations like the Gaming Center interface, fastest Wifi speeds, and state-of-the-art security, the ASUS ROG Rapture ensures that you only play your best at home.

PLDT Home ASUS ROG Rapture
PLDT Home ASUS ROG Rapture

Both ASUS ZenWifi and ROG Rapture routers also come with the ASUS AiMesh compatibility that allows users to create a whole-home Wifi network that enables users to mix and match different ASUS router models depending on their needs.

PLDT Home subscribers can conveniently get their Wifi 6 solutions such as ASUS ZenWiFi and ROG Rapture by simply adding it on top of their existing subscription starting at P1,399/month/24 months for ASUS Zen and P1,349/month/24 months for ROG Rapture.

Experience world-class, top-of-the-line mesh solutions only from PLDT Home! Visit to find out more!

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