Photo Contest: Taking a Selfie for Biodiversity and Livelihood

Selfie for Biodiversity

Taking a Photo Contest: Taking a Selfie for Biodiversity and Livelihood

The annual photo contest “Selfie for Biodiversity and Livelihood” in once again up for grabs. It is the third time that the Department of Environment and Natural Resources’ Biodiversity Management Bureau (DENR-BMB) is working with the Deustche Gessellschaft fur Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) to commemorate the International Day for Biological Diversity (IDBD). This time around, the date to watch is May 22.

The IDBD is a yearly international event, a part of the efforts of the United Nations to create global awareness of biodiversity and its effect on the ecosystem. It is under the Convention on Biological Diversity of 1993. This year, the theme is “Mainstreaming Biodiversity: Sustaining People and their Livelihoods.” Entries should focus on how biodiversity projects positively affect livelihood programs. This may involve animal husbandry, food production, water protection, and related activities.

Selfie for Biodiversity
Selfie for Biodiversity

The photo contest is open to all Philippine residents at least 13 years old, except for all DENR-BMB and GIZ employees and their families up to second degree of consanguinity. Participants must submit their entries on Instagram or Facebook using the hashtag #selfieforbiodiversity. They are required to like the Biodiversity Challenge page on Facebook and Instagram prior to uploading their entries.

Photo subjects may include indigenous fauna or flora in any environment, including protected areas or wildlife habitats.  Photos may use any medium as long as it focuses on protecting the unique and beautiful biodiversity in the country, and the ways in which it improves the livelihood of Filipinos. The entry format includes:

  • Short explanation of the photo subject
  • Name and age of participant
  • Essay (approximately 100 words) on the meaning of biodiversity to the participant, how Filipinos can protect it, and background of the photo

Selfie for Biodiversity Photo Contest Participants may send in as many entries as they like, but may only win for one category. The photos may not be manipulated digitally, except for cropping, digital retouching, and color adjustments. Participants may use enhanced lenses. Any entry found that has been edited outside of these parameters using image editing software such as Photoshop or similar will be disqualified automatically. Submitted photos must have been taken after the close of the 2015 Selfie for Biodiversity (May 2015). Entries submitted to previous Selfie for Biodiversity events are disqualified.

The Selfie for Biodiversity winners will be selected by a panel of judges sourced from GIZ and DENR-BMB, comprised of executives and experienced photographers. Winners The winner or the grand prize will receive an all-expenses paid trip to any DENR-BMB protected biodiversity site or GIZ project area for two, with the exception of the Batanes Islands.

Notifications for winners will be sent via email, phone, or registered mail, and prizes may be claimed within 60 days from the GIZ-BMB office at DENR-BMB, Ninoy Aquino Parks and Wildlife Center, North Avenue, Diliman, Quezon City.

The organizers reserve the right to use all photos submitted (winning or not) for any of its video presentations, publications, and other collaterals for biodiversity programs and projects. All photos thus used will be credited to the photographer every time.

Deadline for submissions is on May 15, 2016.

For more information, go to the official Biodiversity Challenge page on Facebook and Instagram or call 02-426 0239, 02-441 8440. Email inquiries to

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