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Patio Pacific Resort Boracay Review

Patio Pacific Hotel Boracay

Patio Pacific Resort Boracay

The Patio Pacific Resort Boracay is a popular accommodation option for Filipino’s and foreigners alike who are heading to Boracay. Since 1990 the resort has grown from an eight room tiny hotel to a Triple A rated resort with sixty five rooms. Aside from providing accommodation the resort is now providing activities for just about anyone who wants to enjoy Boracay.

My Room in Patio Pacific Resort Boracay
My Room in Patio Pacific Resort Boracay

I’ve stayed at the Patio Pacific Resort Boracay few months back and I have to say that I enjoyed my time there. Part of it is the location, part of it the staff, and a big part is the service.

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First of all, one of the things I remember about first arriving was the warm smile I was greeted with. This, I’m happy to tell you, has not changed. If anything, the smiles are even warmer now.

Restaurant in front of my Room
Restaurant in front of my Room

While the hotel is not a beachfront hotel, it does have great ventilation and while some people might complain about the five minute walk to the beach, I find that more appealing and made me more excited to see the beach as I walk towards the White Beach.

The rooms are warm and cozy with new paint, great linens, and everything being very clean and well taken care of. No shortage of hot water and plenty of room in the bathroom.

Typical Morning in Boracay
Typical Morning in Boracay

Aircon is always cold! Leaving the room, you find a friendly staff waiting and the all you can eat breakfast is the best way to start a day I can think of. From museli to omelets which are freshly made by a guy in the white chef hat to lots of fruits, juice, and yes..rice. Not just one kind of rice, but three kinds of rice for breakfast.

Patio Pacific Hotel Boracay
Patio Pacific Hotel Boracay

The swimming pool and jacuzzi are clean and well maintained and much to my pleasure, there is a climbing wall for excercise and fun. Not only that, there is a gym and yoga classes. The yoga classes are primarily geared for beginner to intermediate but that’s okay If you are just there for a short holiday.

Overall, you probably won’t find a similar place even if you do take a beach front hotel. If you do…you’re going to have to pay a lot more than how much we got the room.

So, do I recommend Patio Pacific Resort? You bet I do.



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