Pacsafe CamSafe Z25 Review: Ultimate Camera Bag

Pacsafe Camera and Laptop Backpack

Pacsafe CamSafe Z25 Review

Theft is among the biggest risks to anyone’s personal safety when traveling. As such, people become extra careful when bringing their devices with them. This highlights the importance of investing in accessories with exceptional anti-theft features, something that Camsafe Z25 has to offer.

Pacsafe Camera Bag
Pacsafe Camera Bag

This Pacsafe CamSafe Z25 review discusses why I consider this product as a boon to every traveler.

About Pacsafe

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Pacsafe is deemed as the future of traveling gears as it offers smart travel gears fitted with the latest anti-theft technology. Outpac Designs Limited, the company behind Pacsafe, was created by two Australians in Hong Kong in 1998. At this day and age, the brand is widely distributed to 33 countries across the globe and sold numerous leisure bags, adventure backpacks, camera bags, and others, resulting to establishing a long list of fans and followers.

Pre-Z25 Experience

Camsafe Z25 Camera and Laptop Backpack
Camsafe Z25 Camera and Laptop Backpack

As a frequent traveler who brings multiple cameras and gadgets, security of my belongings is a big, big concern wherever I go. Of course, you’ll never know when are you going to be victimized. Just a year ago, I actually lost my passport during my travel in Madrid and that made me decide to invest in anti-theft travel gears like Pacsafe.

Pacsafe Camera and Laptop Backpack
Pacsafe Camera and Laptop Backpack

Traveling has been difficult for most travelers. Some of them live in a place where there are people who are stealing other’s items for a living. These people slash bags to get travelers’ phones, gadgets, and wallets. Some have already lost several devices throughout the years, especially when they travel at night.

Camsafe® Z25 anti-theft camera & 15" laptop backpack
Camsafe® Z25 anti-theft camera & 15″ laptop backpack

Pacsafe CamSafe Z25 becomes the solution to such travel problems while ensuring that the items are safe regardless of where travelers choose to go.

Unique Features

The bag is well-designed and is not bulky but I was surprised with the number of camera accessories and gadgets I was able to fit inside the bag. With its Top compartment, you can find a laptop sleeve and a space for other things like chargers, power banks, cables, adapters, memory cards, etc.

Camsafe® Z25 anti-theft camera backpack
Camsafe® Z25 anti-theft camera backpack

There’s also another pocket in front of the bag where you can put your smartphone, keys, wallet, pens, notebooks and passport.

The camera compartment is very well padded and it can hold multiple lenses, DSLR and mirrorless cameras and other photography accessories. Here’s what I have inside my Pacsafe CamSafe Z25.

  • Fujifilm X-T10 Mirrorless Camera
  • 2 Fujinon Lenses
  • Nikon 1J5 Mirrorless Camera
  • 13? MacBook Pro Retina
  • GoPro HERO 3+ plus accessories
  • Memory cards
  • Battery charger
  • Cords and adapters
  • Passport, Notebook, Pen, etc.

As you know, I work everywhere and I always bring my Macbook wherever I go. What I love about this bag is its laptop compartment. I think it is super secure that can house laptops and netbooks. It can, for instance, fit a 15” MacBook and other netbooks that you want to carry with you in your next trip. Since the sleeve is padded, I don’t have to worry about shock that may damage my laptop.

The backpanel for this bag is also made more durable while offering extra benefits. It’s quilted and it promotes optimal load transfer. The waist belt can be kept into the backpanel while the side has carry handles to suit your preference.

Camera and Accessories Compartment
Camera and Accessories Compartment

Other technologies that come with this product include:

  • Slashproof Carrysafe strap
  • Interlocking zip pullers
  • eXomesh slashguards
  • Smart zipper security
  • RFIDsafe blocking pocket

Experience and Rating

When it comes to comfort, the bag is designed to promote comfort while carrying an array of photography gadgets. Even if you bring all your devices with you, you will not be worried as the weight is somehow distributed equally throughout the bag. You won’t be concerned about the possibility of the bag tearing as well.

Pacsafe Anti Theft Features
Pacsafe Anti Theft Features

When it comes to device safety, they will be safe inside the bag with the padded compartments meant for storing different types of devices. Whether you’re bringing the bag anywhere in the world, you’re guaranteed that your gadgets will remain safe and secure.

Carrysafe 75
Carrysafe 75

It can be purchased with other Camsafe accessories like Carrysafe 75 Neck Strap, which is the best strap for most DSLR cameras and other camera types as long as they have dual side attachment points.

Pacsafe Camera Strap
Pacsafe Camera Strap

Carrysafe 75 has a 36-inch soft and comfy strap. The neoprene padding sports stainless steel wire inside which makes it slash proof. Yes, it may look simple in terms of its design; however, with it, you are certain that you are safeguarded from those robbers on the road.

Memory Cards Compartment
Memory Cards Compartment

Overall, Pacsafe CamSafe Z25 is a great bag to use and is definitely a big help in bringing sensitive devices while traveling. If you are in the hunt for a great camera bag, this one is definitely worth your hard earned money.

Pacsafe CamSafe Z25 is priced at P13,990 and is now available at their flagship store located at Glorietta 5 in Makati City and in other authorized distributors nationwide.

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