Ordinary Taxis Now Allowed To Pick-Up Manila Airport Passengers ‘At All Times’

Ordinary Taxis Now Allowed at NAIA Terminal

Change Has Landed In NAIA: Ordinary Taxis Now Allowed To Pick-Up Airport Passengers ‘At All Times’

#ChangeIsComing and in NAIA, change is already starting to take root as the powers that be create a more streamlined approach for passengers arriving in Manila. Regular Taxis – the white ones – are now allowed to pick up passengers as passengers depart from their respective flights and move to different portions of the city. The move was made after an assessment that there aren’t enough accredited taxis to service the growing number of people using the International Airport.

Ordinary Taxis Now Allowed in Manila Airport
Ordinary Taxis Now Allowed in Manila Airport

Bearing in mind the fact that the country earns much from its tourist trade, it only makes sense to increase the transportation supply in response to the increased demand.

Yellow Taxis

Prior to the approval of the White Taxi in NAIA, only the Yellow ones were allowed to pick up passengers right off the arrival area. Those who want to grab a White Taxi would have to go to the departure area before hailing the regular cab. Bearing in mind the PHP 40 difference between the two when hailed down, the White Taxis offer a much more budget-friendly pricing for those visiting the Philippines, whether for the first or for the nth time.

However, General Manager of Manila International Airport Authority Eddie Villanueva Monreal stresses the importance of staying true to the rules set forth by NAIA. Such regular taxis must adhere to the regulations or else undergo strict sanctions.

It can be remembered that the previous MIAA management – in a bid to increase transportation service – also allowed app-based common carriers and accredited buses within the establishment for the use of passengers. The Air21 Bus Company is the one operating the Airport Bus Service with a flat rate of just PHP 300. Operating 24 hours a day to accommodate the varied flight schedules, the Airport Bus Service goes by the name UBE Express and should help take some of the load in airport traffic.

Ordinary Taxis Now Allowed at NAIA Terminal
Ordinary Taxis Now Allowed at NAIA Terminal

Facebook Comments

Although the netizens are definitely happy about the changes happening, there’s no doubt that they still want more. Facebook users are commenting on the fact that even with the streamlined lineup, drivers are still doing their best to negotiate the price. While some adhere faithfully to the meter, others prefer to have the price settled even before the passenger boards. How this will be resolved is another issue entirely and may be a bit harder to implement. Referencing Davao, another commenter added that security measures may be imposed involving the jotting down of information of taxis as they leave with passengers.

Going off on a tangent are other comments stating that the Ninoy Aquino International Airport should be named back to Manila International Airport.

PTV 4’s Facebook page initially shares the news, showing off some photos of the said “change” in NAIA.


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