Optimizing and Promoting Your Website: Online Marketing Tips for Hospitality Business Owners (PART 2)

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Optimizing and Promoting Your Website

In the last post, we talked about the importance of social media for your hospitality business, which social media platforms to use, and how to use them to boost your online presence and show your business personality.

Digital Online Marketing
Optimizing and Promoting your Website

Now, we’re going to talk more about improving your website.

From the Beginning

If you have yet to build a website, make sure to secure a domain for it. Having your own domain and hosting gives you a lot more freedom when it comes to web development. You may want to hire professionals to create the layout and write the content of your website. This ensures that there are no glitches and the copy is informative and professional.

Creating your Travel Website
Creating your Business Website

Make it Mobile-Compatible

Once your dot-com business website is up and running, make sure it looks just as beautiful and professional regardless of the device they’re viewed on. Most people use their smartphones and tablets over their laptops and personal computers. This is especially true in the travel industry. As your main demographic are people that are always on the go, you should invest in optimizing your website for mobile use.

Is your website Mobile compatible
Is your website Mobile compatible?

Take it another step further by choosing layouts with responsive design. These layouts consider touch technology; ensuring features of your website won’t be inaccessible when visitors try to go to these pages via their mobile devices.

Offer Email Subscription

A simple subscribe button on the homepage will do. Of course, it will be better if you enumerate what subscribers can expect by subscribing to your website. News items are a given, but you may want to consider sweetening the pot by including special offers and discounts for every newsletter you send out.

You can also include interesting articles relevant to your business and your readers’ interests to make the newsletter something they can look forward to every month. Make sure you don’t spam your subscribers and follow through with your commitment of sending newsletters every month or every week.

List Your Business on Local Online Directories

Make yourself easy to find by listing business on online yellow pages complete with contact and web information. When potential visitors cannot easily find your address, telephone number, or even an official website, they will quickly move on to an establishment that can be found easily.

These directories can also feature you on their homepages and it could drive more customers on your establishment. Listing your business on multiple directories also improves your chances of showing up high on Google results pages when someone makes a Google search. This will drive more traffic to your social profiles and official website.

Invest in Targeted Online Paid Ads

Sometimes, you can’t always rely on word of mouth and web optimization to bring in the customers. You need to be more proactive and this means taking out ads. You can advertise on big luxury online magazines or popular travel blogs. You can also purchase Facebook ads and Google ads.

Targeted Online Paid Ads
Targeted Online Paid Ads

If you choose the right method for paid advertisements, they don’t have to cost you a lot of money. Choose options that will give you the most exposure on your relevant demographic, instead of spending thousands on general advertisements that might not yield plenty of customers. Make sure these advertisements have call to actions and lead to your site.

Post Helpful and Relevant Content on Your Website

Your website must have a blog. It keeps the content fresh for Google to give it higher priority during search results. In addition, a blog can be an interesting feature that draws web traffic into your site and keeps them there. Write about travel or food. Share news about your industry.

Importance of Online Advertising in Mobile Enabled Websites and Blogs for Effective Mobile Digital Marketing
Importance of Online Advertising in Mobile Enabled Websites and Blogs for Effective Mobile Digital Marketing

You can write how to’s and tips that will help visitors make their stay more meaningful and fun. Readers will appreciate the content and it will also show that you are an authority in your field. You can also use your website’s blog to announce whatever is new with your business. Creating strong content may also encourage readers to share it via social media.

Your website is your online portfolio. In some ways, it is the online equivalent of your business. If what you’re trying to sell is a luxurious experience, you have to make sure that your website reflects that. If your business has a grungier hole-in-the-wall feel, your site should show that as well.

In the next post, we will talk about different ways to engage your followers and encourage guests to interact with you online to help your business.

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