The New Panglao (Bohol) Airport is expected to start operating in August. [Image Credit: Department of Transportation - Philippines / Facebook]
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New Bohol Panglao Island International Airport Will Open Its Door This August As The Country’s First Eco-Airport

The New Bohol Panglao Island International Airport Airport

(Panglao Island, Bohol, Philippines) – A lot of countries are constantly changing for the better — and Philippines is not an exemption. If you will notice, there are a lot of environmental initiatives in the country. From pushing the zero waste and no plastic movements to the temporary closure of Boracay.

Several provinces and cities are now starting their eco-friendly wet markets and eco-friendly city halls. And now, the Department of Transportation will introduce the country’s very first eco-friendly airport.

New Panglao Island International Airport
The construction of the New Panglao Island International Airport is almost complete. [Image Credit: Department of Transportation – Philippines / Facebook]
As announced by the Department of Transportation last June 30, the New Bohol Panglao Island International Airport is now 90.14% complete. The new airport is poised as the Philippines’ first eco-airport. It is designed to be energy-efficient and sustainable.

Dubbed by the DOTr as the Green Gateway to the World, the New Bohol (Panglao) Airport is slated to start catering to commercial flights this August. It uses state-of-the-art Japanese technology in order to stay environment-friendly.

Panglao Airport Landscape
The airport is expected to cater to 2 million passengers. [Image Credit: Department of Transportation – Philippines / Facebook]
The passenger terminal building has a sloping roof that is reminiscent of the province’s famous Chocolate Hills. It will use solar panels to accommodate one-third of the airport’s overall energy requirement as well as the whole building’s air-conditioning.

The building is also designed to allow an abundance of ventilation and natural light. To save more energy, it will also utilize the use of LED lights.

In its opening year, the New Bohol Panglao Island International Airport is expected to accommodate more than 2 million passengers.

Alona Beach
Alone Beach is one of the most beautiful beaches in the country. [Image Credit: Wikimedia Commons]
Now that traveling to Panglao is made easier, faster, and more convenient, there are reasons to visit the province. You may now tick Panglao off your travel bucket list.

Have a grand vacation or beach getaway at the Alona Beach or dive and see the rich and diverse marine life of Panglao. Taste the delicacies that Bohol has to offer.

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