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Actual MBOX smart lockers installed at MerryMart Grocery branch in DoubleDragon Plaza

What is MBOX?

Team Out of Town Blog Hub (outoftownblog.com) – Innovating the way to deliver our packages, MBOX developed a brilliant idea that will ensure safety, convenience, and security for everyone’s precious parcels and packages. Considering the limitations and effects brought upon by the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, MBOX is the perfect way to send and receive packages in the new normal.

Testing the first MBox in Quezon City
Testing the first MBox in Quezon City

This is a huge help for small businesses and online sellers because their customers will now have another option on how they’ll be able to receive their orders. Especially now that the entire country has seen a record-high of deliveries from online shops like Shopee, Lazada, and Facebook Marketplace. This major step to further enhance consumer technology was made by MerryMart Consumer Corporation. They aim to have the same major effects that other consumer technology companies like GCash, PayMaya, Grab, and FoodPanda have made throughout the pandemic.

Moreover, there are already several countries in Asia utilizing the Smart Locker Technology. There’s Thailand, Singapore, and Indonesia. Now, this awesome technology has already reached our country with the help of MBOX!

What is an MBOX Smart Locker?

Basically, MBOX Smart Lockers are self-service lockers that are accessible to customers 24/7. So whenever you’re expecting packages or parcels from online orders, couriers will just have to drop them off at these MBOX Smart Lockers, and then customers can easily collect them at their own convenience! This concept virtually removes the hassle of coming down from your office and meeting the courier for your online orders. The best part? It only comes for a minimal or even no additional cost at all!

As soon as your package arrives at your MBOX Smart Locker, you’ll receive a pickup code via SMS or an app notification. And then you just simply have to enter the said pickup code when you’re ready to claim your package. Easy, right?

For additional safety and security, MBOX smart lockers have built-in UV-light disinfection.
For additional safety and security, MBOX smart lockers have built-in UV-light disinfection.

But wait, there’s more! Due to MBOX’s concept of hassle-free delivery, face-to-face contact is no longer necessary to complete a delivery transaction. This benefits not only the customers but also our beloved delivery riders. No more fake bookings, no more irate customers, and no more extended waiting time! What’s even better is that they can now deliver multiple parcels and packages in a single secured location! This simply means that MBOX can ideally reduce the amount of time and money that our beloved delivery riders are normally spending.

Awesome, isn’t it? I must say, I’m impressed by the concept of these smart lockers because they offer a win-win situation for everybody! For customers, for online sellers, and even for couriers. Kudos to MBOX!

How do I Track My Package?

Tracking your package is also hassle-free. You just have to check with the store or sender regarding the status of your package. If your package was already shipped, you can easily find the tracking details in the order confirmation. After that, you can now visit your chosen courier’s tracking page and check the delivery status of your parcel.

Again, once your package has been delivered to your MBOX Smart Locker, you will receive a pickup code via SMS or app notification.

MBox Smart Lockers at The Skysutes Tower
MBox Smart Lockers at The Skysutes Tower

How Many Packages can be Placed Inside One Locker Door?

MBOX promotes a secure and hassle-free way of acquiring your packages at your own convenience. To further enforce that, customers are only allowed to place ONE (1) package per locker door.

What Items Can’t Be Placed in an MBox Locker?

To further enforce the security of your packages, MBOX established a set of rules for everyone to follow. Firstly, all packages must be packed securely, this eliminates the risk of damaging the parcel during the delivery process. Secondly, MBOX doesn’t accept packages that are weighing more than FIFTEEN (15) kg and have dimensions larger than 14x12x19 inches. And lastly, COD packages are not allowed for obvious reasons.

They also made a list of all the items that are PROHIBITED to be placed inside an MBOX Smart Locker. See the complete list below:

  • Perishable food and beverage;
  • Refrigerated or frozen goods;
  • Plants and animals (alive or dead);
  • Liquids and dry ice;
  • Damp or wet packages;
  • Illegal drugs and substances;
  • Fireworks and flammable items;
  • Firearms and explosive devices;
  • Items that emit a pungent or strong odor;
  • Hazardous waste or infectious items;
  • Precious metals, jewelry, cash, artwork, or items of high value;
  • Corrosives;
  • Counterfeit or contraband material of any kind;
  • Dangerous goods of any kind that may cause harm or damage if leaked or spilled;
  • Any item requiring a special permit for transport; and
  • Any item that may cause damage to, or delay to equipment or personnel.

Is there a Weight and Size Limit for a Package?

Yes, there is a weight and size limit for packages placed inside the MBOX Smart Locker.

Packages that are weighing MORE THAN FIFTEEN (15) KG are not allowed to be placed inside the MBOX Smart Lockers.

Moreover, packages having dimensions that are LARGER THAN 14x12x19 INCHES are also not allowed to be stored inside the smart lockers.

MBox Smart Lockers Quezon City
MBox Smart Lockers Quezon City

I Wasn’t Able to Collect My Package after 72 hours, what do I do?

Your parcels and packages are only stored in the MBOX Smart Lockers for a maximum of 72 hours. Once you’re not able to claim them during that time frame, they will be automatically removed from the locker by the courier and returned to their warehouse or back to the sender/seller.

To resolve this, simply contact the sender or courier of the package.

I Forgot My Pickup Code, what should I do?

Don’t worry if you forgot your pickup code because there’s a way to retrieve it via the touchscreen interface of the locker itself. Here’s what you should do, at the locker touchscreen, tap “Pickup” and then tap “Forgot Pickup Code?”. The system will be prompting you to enter your registered mobile number where an OTP (One-Time Pin) will be sent for you to retrieve the pickup code.

Actual MBOX smart lockers installed at MerryMart Grocery branch in DoubleDragon Plaza
Actual MBOX smart lockers installed at MerryMart Grocery branch in DoubleDragon Plaza


MBOX Smart Lockers are game-changers in the online shopping industry. It further develops the consumer technology that has been flourishing during the pandemic. Moreover, what’s great about the concept of MBOX is that it benefits everyone involved. The customers, the online sellers, and even the couriers are all in a win-win situation thanks to the innovative concept of MBOX Smart Lockers.

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