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Be a Responsible Traveler: Carry a Reusable Water Bottle

Carry a Reusable Water Bottle and help save the environment

Studies revealed that tourism is beneficial for people and residents of a city or country because it creates jobs; thus, helps improve the economy. However, tourism can have harmful effects to the environment, which can slowly destroy the environmental resources on which it depends. Travelers also increase the carbon footprint and stress left on the native plants, animals and ecosystems.

Disposable Plastic Water Bottle
Disposable Plastic Water Bottle

How Tourism can harm the environment

Furthermore, tourism also contribute in the increasing trash and pollution level of a particular tourist destination. Every year, 2.7 million tons of plastic are used for water bottles around the world. In United States alone, billions of single-use water bottles are consumed annually and 86% of them go straight to the trash, and eventually, to the landfills. In other countries, the number is even higher.

Avoid Trash - Buy Reusable Water Bottles
Avoid Trash – Buy Reusable Water Bottles

Tourists leave a pile of plastic shopping bags in their hotel room when they check out. They buy hot coffee in Styrofoam cups to energize themselves for a long day ahead. Travelers also buy plastic water bottles to get themselves hydrated.

Environmentalists recommend that, instead of using Styrofoam cups and plastic bottles, travelers bring their own reusable water bottle when they travel. Reusable water bottles can also be washed and cleaned by hand or simply toss it in the dishwasher. Less hassle, less trash.

How to save money during travel by carrying a reusable water bottle

Lock & Lock Line Tumbler
Lock & Lock Line Tumbler – A 400ml capacity Stainless steel vacuum flask that can Keep hot drinks for up to 9 hours. One of the Lock & Lock reusable water bottles with filters in them.

Buying bottled water will cost a dollar or two. If a tourist buys three bottles of water in a week, it means he spent around $3 to $6 for a week. If the tourist goes on a trip at least once a month, he will be spending around $60 in a year. The figures show that using a reusable water bottle that costs only around $10 will give as much as $50 savings in a year. The extra money can be used for the next vacation! Or may be given as a donation to an environment conservation group. Refill those reusable water bottles in water fountains and sinks in hotels, restaurants, and cafes.

My Lock & Lock Stainless steel vacuum flask : water bottle
My Lock & Lock Stainless steel vacuum flask / hot and cold water bottle

Lock & Lock products are available in Lock & Lock boutique stores leading stores nationwide. Visit Lock & Lock Facebook page

Reusable water bottles are not only used as containers for drinking water. They can also be used as a flask for coffee or hot water bottle for some much-needed warm compress. Buy the branded ones rather than those cheap reusable water bottles which can easily break.

How to become a responsible traveler

Carrying a reusable water bottle, sport water bottles and coffee mug when traveling is a lot more stylish than buying stylish bottled water in disposable plastic. Chefs and restaurants owners admit that the food they serve must not only taste good but also look good. Same thing goes with reusable water bottles. Which looks better, the store-bought bottled water in plastic or those stylish reusable water bottle? Some reusable water bottles also come with a convenient straw. Beats the twist-off plastic caps any time of the day!

Now i can bring hot coffee anywhere I go
Now i can bring hot coffee anywhere I go eliminating plastic coffee cups #LockedInLove

Recently, a filipino teenager from Mindanao was recognized for inventing biodegradable plastic. A plastic that is more durable than the normal ones and is made from Nata de Coco. Hopefully this new biodegradable plastic will be available soon in the market. It will definitely help save our environment.

Help develop the tourism industry while becoming a sustainable traveler. Let us do our share in preserving the environment. Get your own reusable water bottle now!

Written by Melo Villareal

Melo Villareal is the Online Publisher of He is an Accountant by profession who left the corporate world at the age of 23 to explore his beautiful country and the rest of the world. Today, Melo works as a part-time Social Media Manager for local and international clients. His full-time work focuses on discovering interesting culture, explore different cuisines and take memorable photos from local and international destinations he's visiting.

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