Inspiring Story: From A Newspaper Dealer to A Luxury Travel Magazine Editor

Award-Winning Filipino Scholar Bags Editor-in-Chief Role for a Dubai-Based Luxury Magazine

Dubai-based Filipino writer and a graduate of World Media Academy Josh Jr. Mangila bags the highly coveted role as Editor in Chief of XPEDITION Middle East Magazine, a luxury travel magazine targeted to the affluent Emirati and Arab society.

Josh Mangila Jr
Josh Mangila Jr.

Josh Mangila, a native from Cavite, took the top role, conquering racism and stereotypes to Filipinos in the Middle East with support from his Editor-at-Large – Georgina Wilson Powell, ex editor of Lonely Planet and other editors from USA and Europe.

“I believe that impossible is nothing” said Josh Mangila, “When I was starting as a freelance writer, it was really hard as English is not my native language and the competition in the media industry here is very tough, they preferred Americans and British citizens to take the lead role. I was even a victim of racism, sadly some people here thinks that Filipinos are only good as household helpers or laborers but it did not stop me from working harder to erase those stereotypes and show them that Filipinos can write, we can do more, we can be successful in an English-dominated industry and we can lead the way through discipline and determination” Josh added.

Josh Luxury Car
Josh Mangila’s Luxury Car

When asked to comment about his success on the luxury travel industry, having travelled to more than 40 countries and 65 cities and have interviewed big shots and VVIP’s in the Middle East such as the VP of Emirates airlines and GM of Ferrari “I always think of better ways to improve myself, I always say to myself that I am still a work in progress, that is the only way I could push myself to be better than best all the time, fly high but keep your feet on the ground” Josh explained.

Josh Mangila is now becoming an inspiration to many people in the Middle East for conquering the world of luxury media. The young scholar leaps and bounds from delivering newspapers when he was in college to support his studies to becoming the Editor in Chief of XPEDITION Middle East up to launching his own novel next year under a US Publishing company.

About Josh Mangila Jr.

Josh Jr Mangila was born and raised in Cavite, Philippines. He came to Dubai, UAE with his sister in 2007. From 2008, he started doing freelance writing for different magazines. In 2010, he became junior editor and contributing editor for Travel Trendz International and Prestige Magazine. In 2012, he got accepted to World Media Academy, the only media school in Dubai that is accredited by Washington-based ICFJ (International Centre For Journalist) through a scholarship and awarded as ‘Most Dedicated Journalist of the Year’. In 2014, he became the Features Editor for En Route Middle East and this year he landed the role as Managing Editor of EXPEDITION Middle East and was promoted as Editor in Chief this November 2015.

About XPEDITION Middle East

XPEDITION Middle East is targeted to affluent Emiratis, Expats and Arabs in the region with more than 12,000 VVIP subscribers plus 15,000 copies quarterly that will circulate to 5 star hotels, fine dining, tourism boards, high end travel agencies, first class and business class lounges, airlines and selected Sheikh’s offices in the Middle East, in some parts of Asia, Europe and America. XPEDITION Middle East’s readers and subscribers make up the upper echelons of Middle East society. They are highly discerning and accustomed to the very best in life. They are constantly on the qui vive for new and exciting luxury travel destinations and are seriously big spenders.

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