How to save money by using Agoda Coupon Codes

How to Score Great Deals on Agoda

How to save money by using Agoda Coupon Codes

Save BIG on Your Next Travel with AGODA Coupon Codes

There’s no denying Agoda’s popularity for travel junkies who likes to save money on traveling. Their features include booking hotels and resorts with detailed specifications, from the pictures and their exact location. Also, aside from the reviews, you can see on their site, Agoda offers discounts and coupon codes, making booking your future travels very seamless.

How to save money by using Agoda Coupon Codes
How to save money by using Agoda Coupon Codes

Here are easy steps to scoring great deals on Agoda by using their coupon codes.

Check “Today’s Deal,” “Explorer’s Deal,” and “Everyday Deal”

Where to Find Agod Coupon Codes? Once you enter their official website, visit the “Today’s deals” or “Explorer’s deals for promos available on that day or that week. The promos are highlighted on the left corner alongside the date of when they will expire. Make sure to choose fast because promos expire as early as 1 day. Don’t worry if your destination isn’t included in the featured city; you can always visit another day and book asap.

How to Search and Use Agoda Coupon Codes
How to Search and Use Agoda Coupon Codes

Copy the coupon code

Once you click the promo, a “copy” button will pop, and click it. A “copied” icon will appear when you’re done. You can also write it down in the meantime and get back to it later if you want to search for more promos.

Click “See Properties”

It will lead you to a page where you can see various hotels of your choice. Make sure to input your target travel date in the search bar. From the amenities and review, detailed information about the hotel will appear there.

How to Use Agoda Promo Codes?

Before the last step, this is where you enter your contact details and other preferences.
As stated in step 2, the code you copied earlier will be used in this step. It’s located on the right side, where you can see the “Enter Promotion Code.” Paste your Agoda Coupon and paste enter. A discounted amount will appear on your booking.

Last step: Payment

Make sure you have your credit or debit card with you. You can also choose different payment methods such as digital payment or counter Payment, then click “Book Now.”

How to Find and Use Agoda Promo Codes
How to Find and Use Agoda Promo Codes

Get Agoda Promo Codes [Here and Here]

For more information and clarification, you can visit or message them at their official Facebook page

For more updates and the latest news, visit Agoda’s official Facebook page at You can also message them and ask for assistance with changes to your travel plans.

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