How Digital Marketing is Changing the Tourism Industry

In the incredibly fast-paced world of the tourism industry, it’s no surprise that digital marketing has been revolutionizing how businesses and customers deal with travel. Gone are the days where travelers only had TV commercials, billboards or magazines to get information from. Right now, online and digital marketing is king. Here are a few reasons why:

Digital Marketing for Tourism Industry
Digital Marketing for Tourism Industry

Travel Businesses Are Spending More On Digital Marketing

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Every year, marketing budgets have been adjusted to allow for more spending on digital or online marketing. Conversion rates using this type of marketing have been steadily rising as more and more people rely on getting information from the internet.

While word-of-mouth is still important and some businesses still rely on traditional advertising, the latter has proven to be less effective. Most consumers feel that traditional marketing tends to be intrusive, so they prefer digital marketing that complements and doesn’t interrupt them.

Even Selfie Photos can actually help promote Tourism Establishments
With the use of #HashTags, Even Selfie Photos can actually help promote Tourism Establishments

More People Are Using Internet-Capable Smartphones

Whether they rely on WiFi or regular data, people are constantly online while they’re traveling. They share photos of their trip, look at maps of the city, research tourist attractions they can go to and read reviews of restaurants in the area. All of these present opportunities for businesses to offer their services.

Digital Marketing Reaches The Skies

Now that so many people are bringing their web-enabled devices to aid their travel, digital marketing companies are taking advantage of the one place where travelers actively seek content: in the skies! Airlines are partnering with companies to be able to provide consumers with ways to access their media library using their very own gadgets.

Agoda Hotel Booking Mobile Application for iPhone
Agoda Hotel Booking Mobile Application for iPhone

More Businesses Are Taking Chances On New Technologies

The much-talked about Apple Pay was recently introduced and industry experts believe it’s a game-changer. With just your fingerprint and your smartphone, you can book a hotel. No credit card information will be exchanged. This means added security and convenience that will make it easier for travelers everywhere.

Youtube Makes Wonders
How to make Viral Advertising Videos?

Video Marketing Shows The ‘Experience’ More Than Ever

Remember when virtual tours of hotels were all the rage? Interest has been waning ever since businesses shifted their focus to online video advertising. Why would travelers be contented with images if they could actually watch people going through the experience? It’s more personal and effective.

Businesses Are Offering More Valuable Services For Travelers

Tourists have little to worry about nowadays. Many hotels and establishments offer neighborhood guides that work even when travelers are not within the immediate vicinity. Aside from maps, these guides are used to get information on nearby tourist spots and even for social media sharing. These kinds of offerings then lead to repeat sales, especially when businesses offer great deals or coupons using these guides.

Travelers Trust Online Reviews

It’s not exactly “word-of-mouth”, but studies have proven that travelers believe online reviews much more than they do regular advertisements. The popularity of review websites and apps just goes to show that having a strong online presence can lead to more reviews (and more customers!).

Excellent Customer Service Evaluation Form
Hotel Reviews like the one offered by Agoda is one of the most trusted hotel reviews by travelers

More Travelers Book Their Flights And Hotels Online

Wondering why Hotels are now inviting more trusted travel bloggers to review their property? Blog reviews not only promote the tourism establishment, it also encourage people to try booking online for faster room reservation. The convenience of being able to book flights and hotels without having to go through lines encouraged the growth of mobile-only travel agencies. Last minute bookings are now much easier to look out for and get due to downloadable apps by these agencies. While it hasn’t completely taken over the tourism industry, it’s very likely that the time where travel agencies will conduct all their business online is coming very soon.

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Mobile App Advertising From Free Mobile Applications

Now that everyone’s on their smartphone, companies have been confident with mobile advertising. Downloading company apps aren’t just the main focus though. Customers have to interact with it too and provide revenue. Mobile app advertising isn’t just limited to images or banner ads anymore as marketing companies are focusing more on providing quality content that leads to sales.

Travelers are very mobile people who are always on the go, so it makes sense that they use the latest technology that helps them get things done quick while they’re on the move. This means competition is fierce among players in the travel industry as most of the time they only have a few minutes to convince a potential customer.

The tourism industry has always been one of the best at accepting and adapting to change. With the constant innovation happening every day, it’s a very exciting time to be a traveler (and a business owner)!

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