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Hotel Review: Amboys Hometel in Basco Batanes

During our second and third day in Basco, we stayed at Amboy Hometel (hotel info) in Brgy. Chanarian. This place is unique right from the start – it has a more unusual name than most establishments we’ve seen so far, but once you see Amboy’s Hometel in person, the name quickly starts to make sense. This isn’t that much of a hotel as it is a house converted to a sort of hostel, and its owners have managed to turn it into one of the better places to rest at during your stay in the island.

Rooms at Amboys Hometel
Rooms at Amboys Hometel


Table of Contents

There are only six rooms available, all of them offering more or less the same accommodation, with some small differences in the size and layout. You get to pick which one you want to stay in (depending on what’s available, of course), although if you come to visit during the busier seasons, you’ll probably already have your room booked and predefined before you even arrive.

The rooms are all airconditioned and it also has a ceiling fan but dont worry about the weather, Temperature in Batanes is not that harsh in the first place. The place can actually get a little cold at night, even during the summer, so make sure to include a jacket in luggage.

Amboys Restaurant
Amboys Restaurant


Amboys Hometel (rates) staff goes beyond what you’d expect from them in terms of making you feel welcome. They will actively ask you if everything is fine and if you need any special arrangements, and sometimes you won’t even have to mention the specific problems you’re having, the staff is attentive enough to get the hint themselves.

The only negative point we could possibly mention here is that the hometel could use some extra staff during the busy seasons, as their small numbers become more noticeable when all rooms are booked by large parties. Still though, you’ll never have to wait more than half an hour for anything, and that’s in the more extreme cases.

Amboy Hometel in Basco
Amboy Hometel in Basco Batanes


You’ll be close to the beach, so if you came here to have some beach fun, this is one of the ideal locations to stay during your visit. The hotel itself is surrounded by a beautiful, well-maintained garden with a wide open front yard, and the whole place just comes together in a wonderful way to set a good mood when you arrive for the first time.

Amboys Hometel
Amboys Hometel

How about the Food?

You’ll have to eat your meals in a dining hall that is not too close from the rooms but at least the food you’ll be served is of great quality and variety. Make sure you try out the breakfast at least once! One of the best features of the hotel’s restaurant is its low prices, and you can save a lot of money if you grab your meals here on a regular basis. The cooks definitely put a lot of effort into making their dishes varied and interesting every day, so you shouldn’t have the chance to start feeling bored with the food by the time you have to leave.

Amboy Hometel (book online)
Brgy. Chanarian
3901 Basco, Batanes
Phone: +63 920 910 3492
Mobile: +63 917 871 7633

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