HMV Singapore opens its newest store at 313@Somerset

Entertainment Retailer HMV recently unvailed its new Superstore in Singapore’s newest shopping destination 313@Somerset. Popular Korean boy band, T-Max was on hand to officiate at the ceremony along with Miss Emily Butt, Managing Director of HMV Hong Kong and Singapore. This will be HMV’s first new store in Singapore in 9 years, the last being in 2000 when HMV set up shop at CityLink.

singapore music store
HMV 313@Somerset

HMV’s latest addition will be in-store digital kiosks. As part of the Company’s strategic plan, HMV has so far invested more than $100,000 in the digital kiosks. With the support of mahor labels like Warner, Sony, Universal & EMI, HMV will launch its new service with a database of nearly 1.4 million digital tracks providing Singaporeans with a platform to download their favorite music legally. This will be the first stand-alone legal digital kiosks in Singapore to encompass all the major label content for legal distribution in digital format.

313@Somerset in Orchard Road

HMV has grown from just providing customers with the largest selection of CD and DVD’s to becoming a full range entertainment retailer. The stores now carry an impressive range of games, Blu-ray, personal and home technology products, electronic gadgets, portable digital and listening devices as well as an assortment of pop culture products ranging from books, t-shirts to specialist artist merchandise. The new store will set the bar for entertainment retailing in Singapore and the rest of Asia.

HMV was established in the United Kingdom in 1921. The first store in Singapore was opened April 28, 1997 at the Heeren and its second shop at Citylink on July 1, 2000. Today HMV is one of Singapore’s key Entertainment retailers.
  1. gina says

    I have visited this mall last december coz its directly connected to the MRT, the mall is nice and the concierge is so helpful too.

  2. melo says

    @Gina – thats probably the reason why the place is always crowded. I also like the shops in this mall specially HMV and the japanese brand of clothing.

  3. eMAGaZine says

    hiks.. I want to go there too 😳

  4. Mindi Fix says

    Good job that you’ve gotten listed here. Please be sure to keep up the tremendous work.I am going to without doubt visit to get informed.

  5. Eng Buck Keng says

    I want to place an order for a DVD entitled:
    DVD HK$85.00 (US$10.90 / £6.91.

    Thank you

    Eng Buck Keng
    Mobile: 97599424

  6. Lim Siew Leng says

    Did u sell album for tian ya ge nv by cheng song ling?

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