Panagbenga Festival 2010 Schedule of Activities – Baguio Flower Festival 2010

This year, Baguio City will be celebrating the 15th staging of Panagbenga Festival 2010 which is also popularly known as the Baguio Flower Festival.

The Festival theme this year is : “Celebrating 15 years of Festival Excellence.”

Panagbenga flower festival schedule includes Market Encounter at the Burnham Park (Feb. 1 – March 7), Legarda Rocks (February 12-14), Abanao Nights (Feb 26-28), Pony Boys Day (March 6), plus the main event of the Panagbenga : a Grand Street parade on February 27 and a Grand Float Parade on February 28.

Baguio City will also be celebrating the Chinese Lunar New Year Celebration on February 13, 2009.

Here’s the complete list of Baguio Flower Festival schedule for 2010 :

November 16 – Launch of Panagbenga 2010
February 1 – Opening Parade
February 13 – Chinese New Year
February 12-14 – Legarda Rocks
February 14 – Fluvial Parade
February 14 – Camelot on the Lake
February 20 – Let A Thousand Flowers Bloom
February 20-22 – PMA Homecoming 2010
February 27 – Grand Panagbenga Street Parade
February 28 – Grand Float Parade
February 26-28 – Abanao Nights
Feb 1 – Mar 7 – Market Encounter
March 1-7 – Session Road in Bloom
March 6 – Pony Boys Day

Philippine Department of Tourism of Cordillera Autonomous Region Regional Director Pura Molintas also stressed the importance of sustaining the Panagbenga Festival 2011, which is a major yearly festival in the country that has already gained an international stature.

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  1. haryy bater says

    Flower Parade happens once a year like new year and it is usually shown and broadcast in the Philippines during new year so that the beauty of the flowers will be shown all over the world and it is so

  2. adrian says

    When will be exactly the schedule of the flower parade? I want to see it. tnx. here my num +639093071516

  3. Bobby says

    I think you may have confused the Main parade dates. You differ with the Victory Liner Schedule.

  4. aramlite says

    hindi maganda ang pangbenga…… syang lang pera nyo…hahahahhah

  5. Xris Xristoffer says

    The festivities in Baguio this 2011 is not new, however, it is as exciting as before. A new, unique idea of a part of the festivities can be more exciting especially to the usual audience, as matter of suggestion to the organizers.
    I will be there. I love to travel.:-)

  6. gen says

    flower parade will be on february 27,2011 and that’s sunday!..,be there as early as 6 or mas early pa, dami tao eh!…

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