Higantes Festival 2015 Schedule of Activities

Higantes Festival

Higantes Festival 2015 Schedule of Activities

The streets of Angono Rizal will soon be filled with 10 to 12 feet tall paper mache for the annual celebration of Higantes Festival this 2015.

Higantes Festival 2015 Schedule
Higantes Festival 2015 Schedule – Photo credit: d2digital / Foter / CC BY-NC-ND

Higantes, which is a Filipino word that translates to English as Giants are the main attraction of the celebration.

The celebration traces back to the Spanish Era when Rizal was part of a hacienda. The Filipino workers used the higantes as real life caricatures of the mean and abusive Spanish Landlords. It was not just a means of showing their creativity back then, but also their way of making fun of the Spanish rulers. The way of making the higantes originated from Mexico which was of course introduced by the Spanish Friars to the Filipinos. Making the higantes is similar to making the Mexican piñata, except that the higantes aren’t filled with goodies inside.

Back then the head of the Higantes were molded from clay, but today, people now use Plaster of Paris to make the mold for the head.

Higantes Festival is still celebrated up to this day to give recognition to the unique creativity of the residents of Angono. The festival is typically comprised of 3 to 4 Higantes that are made by each Barangay. Each of these Higantes are carefully made by the skilled artists of each barangay to show off their creativity and the identity of each place.

Higantes Festival
Higantes Festival 2015 – Photo credit: Paul M. Chua / Foter / CC BY-NC-ND

The festival is celebrated in line with the feast of San Clemente, Angono’s patron saint in November. The two day festival kicks off with Bisperas Mayores, which is more like the pre-celebration of the festival. This features a parade of drum and lyre groups, and marching bands. There are two parades in one day, one in the morning, and another in the early afternoon. The morning parade would just be consisted of the marching band, the drum and lyre, and the San Clemente devotees, while the afternoon parade would be including the local officials plus some of the higantes. Bisperas Mayores is always scheduled on the 22nd of November.

The day after that parade, is the actual celebration which starts of with a mass, then is followed by the procession of the images of San Clemente, San Isidro and Birheng Maria (Blessed Virgin Mary) up to the banks of the Laguna de Bay where the Fluvial floats await. The Fluvial Procession that shows off the bounties harvested thanks to the blessing of San Clemente will go around the lake until it reaches Brgy. Poblacion. The Higantes parade would then start in the afternoon where the drum and lyre, the marching bands, the devotees and the sponsors of the events would go around the town until it reaches the church where the procession ends.

How to get to Angono Rizal

Catch the Higantes Festival 2015 by going to Angono Rizal via a bus route bound to Angono in EDSA, Monumento, Marikina and Quiapo, Cubao, or catch a jeepney ride going from Farmer’s Market, or at EDSA crossing.

If you’re using your own vehicle then you should drive through Pasig and pass by the Manggahan Floodway where you’ll shortly find the Provincial Road that would take you to a junction where you need to turn left to go to the Manila East Road. From there you would the road that leads to the town proper of Angono.

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