Perfect Halloween Treat from JCO #HalloweenWithJCO

#HalloweenWithJCO is a real treat

Its another time of the year when everyone is looking for a perfect treat for Kids. While most of us think that candies are perfect trick or treat giveaway, theres always a wonderful way to show these kids some love. How? Give them these Perfect Halloween inspired Donuts from JCO, After all, who doesn’t love Donuts?

Nutty Dracula
Nutty Dracula Donuts

As dark and strong as the iconic vampire, Nutty Dracula Donuts rich with peanut butter on the inside and garnished with dark chocolate and strawberry sauce on the outside. Topping it off is a hint of white chocolate- a little sweetness to balance the sultry taste.

Trapped in a Web Donuts
Trapped in a Web Donuts

The second treat will definitely trap your cravings with its mighty decadence. Trapped in a Web Donut is filled with Tiramisu Cream, and capped with a mix of Dark Chocolate and Chocolate Tiramisu.

JCO Halloween Donuts
JCO Halloween Donuts

J.CO Halloween Donuts are now available at all J CO branches, for Php 42 each, Php 252 for half a dozen, Php 380.00 for one dozen, and Php 592.00 for two dozens.

Trapped in a Web
Trapped in a Web photo from JCO Philippines FB Page

Who wouldn’t resist these delectable flavors, at an affordable price, and not offered elsewhere? Whether as a snack, lunch, or pasalubong, it is indeed fun to celebrate Halloween the J CO way. Unlike immortal Halloween characters though, these two sensations, albeit great, will only last until November 2.

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