Element T6 Portable Bluetooth Speaker Review

If you’re one of those who have taken ahold of Tronsmart’s Element T6 Wireless Speaker, you’ll probably agree with me that it’s one of the best and competent speakers in the market today.

Tronsmart Element T6 Wireless Speaker Review
Tronsmart Element T6 Wireless Speaker Review

Among the 4 items shipped last Saturday, we get to try this product, which by the way, is my favorite! This is a recommendable speaker especially when you’re outdoors – camping, chilling by the pool, or just simply hanging out with the squad with a beer on hand.

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In this review, we’ll give you more reasons as to why this wireless speaker is a bang-for-the-buck!


As expected with Tronsmart’s packaging, its box is covered in clean violet and white visuals along with the product. The package includes a user manual, warranty card, a charging cable, and 3.5mm auxiliary audio cable.

Element T6 Portable Bluetooth Speaker Review
Element T6 Portable Bluetooth Speaker Review

When it comes to the product itself, it would give you an impression of a regular tumbler. Its cylindrical design might be one of the key factors this product produces an inimitable sound quality. Its control panel is located at the top of the unit featuring the control power and playback, a rotating volume knob, and surprisingly, a button for accepting phone calls.


Its power button needed to be long-pressed before opening, and short press to change mode between AUX-IN and Bluetooth. It also has a micro-usb charging and an aux-in port located at the side of the speaker.

Tronsmart Element T6 Portable Bluetooth Speaker
Tronsmart Element T6 Portable Bluetooth Speaker

Thanks to its DSP technology, it gave me a richer audio experience. To test this one, I connected it to my phone and played some EDM tracks to really check out its bass performance. As expected, it emitted a crisp sound, great bass, and really loud output, compare to high-end speaker brands.

When I used the Element T6 inside the room, it seems like it does the work by itself. Since it takes pride in providing a 360-degree surround sound experience, using it earlier felt like I’m inside a music studio.

Because this wireless speaker has a 5200mAh battery capacity, you can play it for 15 hours if you set your volume on 50 to 60 percent! Although, remember that when you put your volume on the maximum level, make sure you place your Element T6 in a safe platform as it trembles, with a possibility of falling when placed on the edge of the table.

Tronsmart Element T6 Portable Bluetooth Speaker Reviews
Tronsmart Element T6 Portable Bluetooth Speaker Reviews


We’re telling you, this Element T6 from Tronsmart is such as steal for the price of USD 43.99 and can be ordered either from the following: Lazada, Geekbuying, and Amazon!

What We Really Liked

  • Long play time
  • 360-degree surround sound which makes it perfect for outdoor use
  • Unique touch controls
  • Affordability
  • Hands-free calling

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