6 Most Beautiful Places to Visit on Planet Earth

There are places on this planet that not even a camera could explain, and only through imagination and first eye view can bring that feeling of being on heaven.

Most beautiful places Five Flower Lake
Five Flower Lake on Jiuzhaigou Valley has a bottom that is criss-crossed by ancient fallen tree trunks. (image by wikipedia)

Our planet, the planet we take for granted, has many of the most amazing inspiring and mysterious places, beautiful landscape and great scenery. Here are 6 Places on Planet Earth that’ll make you feel like you’re in heaven!

6 Most Beautiful Places to Visit on Planet Earth

The Chocolate Hills of Bohol Philippines
The Chocolate Hills of Bohol Philippines

6. Bohol – Philippines

Well known for it’s “Chocolate Hills”, this natural wonder is one of the most mysterious hills only found in the Philippines that appear as if giant moles have dug up the ground, these beautiful hills go green during rainy season and chocolate brown during dry season. Bohol is known for another mysterious big eyed creature too, the Philippine Tarsier.

Submerged Forest of Patagonia
Submerged Forest of Patagonia (photo source: socialphy.com)

5. The Submerged Forest of Patagonia

Located 30 meters deep on the bed of the Traful Lake in Patagonia, this mysterious submerged forest recreates a landscape of fantasy, dazzling those who dare to dive between giant trees that are almost intact from under the lake.

Xihai Stone Forest
Xihai Stone Forest

4. Xihai Stone Forest

Stunning areas of karst formations are located in the region of Wulingyuan. The Wulingyuan region, which is in China retains a forest near the city of Zhangjiajie, known as Xihai Stone Forest which has more than 3,100 stone pillars of karstic origin that are up to 200 meters in the middle of a dense forest. It is an area of wonderful landscape and scenery, recognized as World Heritage since 1992.

Sunset in the Okavango
Sunset in the Okavango (photo by wikipedia)

3. Okavango Delta

The Okavango River, unlike the majority of the water channels, flows into a desert. But it does so in a special way: each rainy season it dumps 11 cubic miles of water in the Kalahari desert, transforming a barren area into a green delta attracting millions of animals in Africa.

Halong Bay in Vietnam
Halong Bay in Vietnam (photo source: wikipedia)

2. Halong Bay in Vietnam

Halong Bay is considered by many to be the most beautiful scenery in Vietnam. Here man has been able to adapt to nature in a bay dotted with rock formations and karst islands.

Long Lake is the highest, largest and deepest lake in Jiuzhaigou
Long Lake is the highest, largest and deepest lake in Jiuzhaigou (image by wikipedia)

1. Jiuzhaigou Valley, China

Known as the “Valley of 9 villages” Jiuzhaigou Valley has hundreds of waterfalls and lagoons in a range of amazing colours. It is a protected site, recognized as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO and hardly accessible. It is located in the Sichuan Province, in south-western China.

These top 6 places are just some of many great attractions on this planet that are worth the money to visit, if you have visited at least one of these places, please share your experience by posting a comment below.

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