Four things Robi Domingo learned to prioritize in the new normal

Shield+ Alcohol’s ambassador, actor and host Robi Domingo

Team Out of Town Blog Hub ( – Host and youth advocate Robi Domingo has experienced his fair share of challenges this past year. Just like most, the stress of the pandemic took a significant toll on him and his family.

Shield+ Alcohol’s ambassador, actor and host Robi Domingo
Shield+ Alcohol’s ambassador, actor, and host Robi Domingo

“It came to a point that I asked myself if I made the right decision not to pursue medicine. When everyone needed a frontliner, why didn’t I become a doctor?” Robi shared.

The situation taught him certain things that many would take for granted before the pandemic happened. Now, Robi found ways to keep himself productive and healthy, and he continues to use his platform for good. Here are four things he learned to prioritize even more:

Staying physically healthy and fit

Because his parents are frontliners, Robi admitted they were scared of the virus coming to their home. They are medicine-ready, focused on staying fit, and have set up automated alcohol dispensers in various rooms to ensure everyone’s health. Using a product like Shield+ Alcohol is also important for Robi because it helps disinfect and kills germs. It also has vitamin E and collagen to moisturize dry skin caused by constant sanitizing.

Watching out for his mental health

Robi emphasized the importance of mental health, especially since many remain cooped up at home and, at the same time, experience different levels of stress. He acknowledges how fortunate he is to have parents who remind him to de-stress. Plus, he started making a daily schedule to have more control over his life in these uncertain times. His advice for everyone: “Let people know you’re there for them, to listen to them, and be proactive in asking how they are doing.” For Robi, the latter may be key to unlocking powerful stories and, somehow, reduce the baggage they are dealing with.

Taking up new hobbies

While many Filipinos—his dad, for instance—have become plant parents to stay productive at home, Robi went back to playing the piano to relax. His mom usually asks him to learn and play songs from K-drama shows like Goblin and Crash Landing On You. He also mentions how important it is to find hobbies to recharge and refresh one’s mind, especially during stressful times.

Making a positive impact

As a public personality, Robi learned the power of using his platform to spread awareness and encourage the youth to make good choices, especially with the upcoming elections. “Beyond protecting ourselves, registering to vote resonates with the youth now. I want them to realize that the power is really in our hands,” he said.

Robi is also passionate about supporting farmers and sustainability. As the brand ambassador for Shield+ Alcohol, Filipino-made alcohol that is concocted using sustainable sugarcane, he believes that using this product can help protect customers and support the local sugarcane industry.

“Shield+ Alcohol doesn’t just keep your hands clean, but also moisturizes since alcohol can be drying. Most importantly, it supports the farmers and contributes to the sustainable development of our country and the planet using renewable local resources,” he shared.

The maker of Shield+ Alcohol, Universal Robina Corporation Agro-Industrial Group (URC AIG), shared that Robi was a perfect fit as the brand ambassador. “Robi’s values are very much aligned with URC’s. We believe in the capabilities of Filipinos, and we aspire to have a sustainable future,” URC AIG Managing Director Vincent Go said.

If there’s anything that this pandemic taught people like Robi, it’s that keeping one’s health in check should go beyond protection through constant hand sanitizing. One should also focus on their body, mental well-being, and making a positive impact on the people around them during these challenging times.

Shield+ Alcohol comes in two scents and six different bottle sizes. It is available in select online merchants and supermarkets nationwide.

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