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Food trip at Tinapay in UP Diliman

Most important reminder

Food trip at TINAPAY

When it comes to food tripping, I always opt for something new, something unique or even something exotic. I’m sure there a lot of places here in the Philippines even here in Manila can offer me that.

Tinapay House Rules and Reminders
House Rules and Reminders

It was 2 years ago when I was introduced to TINAPAY. It was a totally different and unique burger and footlong store you will find just around the corner of the streets of UP Diliman. Tinapay was established in 2005 by ‘Kuya Onz’ (I still don’t know his real name). The store is very popular among the orgs in UP Diliman, residents of UP, and also for some people like me on the hunt for food shops like this.

Please come inside
Please come inside

Why unique and different? If you visit the place, you’ll obviously notice a lot of catchy signs, yes, a lot. In addition to that, the lighting perfectly emphasizes the neon signs. What’s more exciting about Tinapay is its menu that will surely catch your attention, too. A lot stores around tried to imitate Tinapay, but still Tinapay stands tall. It’s like there is something in there that makes you come back again and again.

Tinapay’s Menu

All of the Tinapay’s foodstuffs have out of the ordinary descriptions yet guaranteed with an exceptional taste, you’ll be thinking that it’s just a footlong or a burger, but telling you, it’s not what you think it is.

Pick your choice
Pick your choice

Note: Tinapay’s Main Menus are of large quantity. If you have someone with you, order at least one and make it into half. Trust me, one is enough.

Main Menu of Tinapay
Main Menu of Tinapay

Inside Tinapay

Telling you guys, you’ll be amazed the moment you enter the Tinapay (like me) because of its mind-blowing and mind-boggling signs will surely make you smile. For first-timers, don’t forget to tell Kuya Onz that it’s your first time in Tinapay to get a picture and post on Tinapay’s Facebook page.

My order - Yummy FOOTRES KA
My order – Yummy FOOTRES KA


Finding the store is a bit challenging but don’t worry it’s just around the corner near Balay Kalinaw.

Most important reminder
Most important reminder

To be exact, it is at 116 San Antonio St. Pook Dagohoy U.P. Campus Diliman, Quezon City.

The store is open from Mondays-Fridays at 6:00 PM – 1:00 AM.
Check out their FB PAGE

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