Flower Farm in Bahong La Trinidad Benguet

Have you ever wondered where all the flowers in almost all flower shops in Manila come from?

I recently celebrated my Birthday at Baguio and I always make sure to visit the Strawberry farm in La Trinidad Benguet to go strawberry picking and to experience, once in a while, the taste of Benguet’s unique strawberry Taho.

Benguet Bahung La Trinidad Flower Farm
Flower Farm in Bahong La Trinidad Benguet

I noticed that the flower farm in the area was recently replaced by vegetables and strawberry crops. While walking around, I asked a local for directions to places where most flower plantations are located and she immediately advised for me to visit Bahong – a not so small sitio which is still part of La Trinidad Benguet.

Benguet Bahung La Trinidad Flower Farm 3
Ready for Delivery

I was lucky to have hired a polite Taxi driver who toured me from the strawberry farm all the way to Bahong flower farm without hearing any complaint. After almost 30 minutes, I arrived at an area that is so quiet and the only scenery that you can see is the Sierra Madre mountain ranges surrounding the huge cutflower greenhouses, flower nurseries and rose plantations.

Benguet Bahung La Trinidad Flower Farm 2
Rose Farm

Roses were the first cutflower grown in the area but more and more flower producers are considering chrysanthemum and Mums production due to it’s high and ever growing demand. Flower production provides higher return on investment that’s why more and more vegetable producers are starting to consider cutflower production as an alternative.

Benguet Bahung La Trinidad Flower Farm 4
Bahong La Trinidad Benguet

Everyone in the area was busy when I arrived, most probably due to the high demand for flowers since I visited the area 4 days before the Valentines day. 80% of the country’s requirement for Chrysanthemum and Mums are supplied by Benguet Cutflower producers.

La Trinidad is just about 20 minutes away from Baguio. Some of the interesting places in La Trinidad is the strawberry farm, the orchidarium near Benguet State University, and the flower farms in Bahong.

  1. Eunice Perdigon-Ilustre says

    My hometown La Trinidad is well known for strawberries and cut flowers. I migrated to North America 24 years ago. When fellow Filipinos ask where I am from back home, I usually come up with – “where the roses and strawberries are grown”. The view of the mountains posted is what I woke up to for the first 21 years of my life. Growing up in a place of “eternal spring” with pine trees, a gurgling brook nearby, majestic mountains and fragrant flowers is truly a blessing.

    1. Maribel Ombac says

      Meron po kayo orchids plant

  2. R.o.m.e.o. B.a.l.l.e.s.t.e.r.o.s says


    Pls help me locate my old classmate in high school (BCHS) class of 1974 her name is M.a.r.l.e.n.e Per.d.i.g.o.n maybe your relative.
    im from baguio also. thanks and Godspeed. i do appreciate it.

    US Embassy Beijing, China

  3. TM says

    Beautiful plantations

  4. heidi tamid-ay says

    it’s spelled as BAHONG not bahung..

  5. RACHEL V. GIL says

    good day..i’m currently working in hongkong and from ifugao philippines. my employer is very much interested in knowing a flower farm and supplier in the philippines, i suggested to try baguio, i found your farm and i was impressed..i wish to know if “is it possible to deliver your flowers in long distance like hongkong?” how long will it takes?. please e-mail me as soon as possible about the details and how to contact you..thank you very much.

  6. loraine marjorie domingo says

    do you have any contact details. we need a rose supplier for qatar.

  7. sharlyn ollano says

    i am an agriculture student from Bicol Univesity College of Agriculture and forestry and i am willing to have an ojt in your farm.i hope for your positive response..tnx..

  8. Shiela Sandoval says

    it’s Bahong, not Bahung.thank u very much for featuring our town. 🙂

  9. melo says

    @Shiela – thanks for the correction, I just updated it:)

  10. Rachelle Ann Tengco says

    Good day Sir/Mam,
    Ask ko lang po if u have chrysanthemum on your farm. We need bulk orders to be ship to Japan. Kame po bahal sa shipping. We just need a farm to suplly for us the flowers. Or if you dont have, maybe you can refer me to other farms who have those flowers. Thanks so much.. You can reach me in this nos. 09088212006/09178175609 rachelleanntengco@yahoo.com

  11. khrys says

    okay ba to visit in december?

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  13. randelle says

    we are planning to visit baguio pag magbabakasyon n aq from qatar i check some spots in baguio and i want to go to flower farm…may mga flowers p ba sa farm after ng panagbenga???

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