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Exploring Rome: Visiting the Roman Forum

Roman Forum Visiting Information

Visiting the Roman Forum

Visiting the Roman Forum

Rome, Italy — The Roman Forum is a historic place in Rome which saw the twists and turns that the city and its inhabitants went through. The Roman Forum was built, inhabited, made history, abandoned, and was excavated to help rebuild other areas of the city.

Visiting the Roman Forum
Visiting the Roman Forum

Records of it being excavated in 1803, make this forum at least two centuries old. This awesome and magnificent place is an indispensable piece of history. Walking through its 250 x 170-meter area will take you hundreds of civilizations back, offering a unique travel experience to nearly 5 million tourists each year.


Legends believe that Ancient Rome was founded by demigods, Romulus, and Remus, who are also brothers. In the plight to determine who rules their newly established city, Romulus killed his brother and named the town after himself. Rome is said to be built on seven hills, a congregation of a separate group of settlers, who would later drain the marshy valleys between them to turn them into markets subsequently.

Roman Forum view from Capitoline hill photo by @digital_nomad Katie Kalmykova via Unsplash
Roman Forum view from Capitoline hill photo by @digital_nomad Katie Kalmykova via Unsplash

At the heart of the ancient city is Forum Romanum, now known as the Roman Forum. The first construction of this forum potentially dates back to 29 BC. It is surrounded by three of Rome’s hills, the Capitoline, Quirinal, and the Palatine hill. The Capitoline hill was the most sacred of all. It is here that a temple dedicated to Jupiter the greatest and the best was established. The same temple is being shared by two important Roman goddesses, Juno and Minerva. Across this hill is the Palatine hill, home to many remarkable names such as Marc Antony and Augustus. This hill, the etymology of the word “palace,” is also the home to famous gods and goddesses like Apollo, Victory, and Vesta.

Roman Forum statues
Roman Forum statues

Rome has many forums. Forums are public areas of trade where commercial, religious, economic, political, legal, and social activities take place. Having the Senate House in its area made it the most relevant forum of Rome. The Roman forum’s rostra, a large platform that functions as a stage, has staged many notable men. It was in this rostra that Mark Antony delivered his famous funeral speech to Julius Caesar. After the Roman Empire fell, even the most renowned forum was abandoned. Many monuments and buildings were plundered and reused. The pieces were used in building other areas of the city and churches, including the walls of the Vatican.

Forum in Rome Italy by @iam_os via Unsplash
Forum in Rome Italy by @iam_os via Unsplash

How to Get There

The Roman forum has seen countless stories, and it sure deserves to see yours too. Walk on the marble platforms Augustus and Julius Caesar walked on and feel the vibe of the generations that came before you.

The cheapest flights, according to 2019 price listing, is in February and May. The heftiest of pricing is recorded in July and August. There are two airports in Rome, Rome Fiumicino (FCO) and Rome Ciampino (CIA). FCO is significantly nearer to the Roma Forum. It will save you a lot of travel time and travel expenses if your plane lands to this airport.

There are four easy ways to get to the famous Roman Forum from the FCO to the railway station (Roma Termini).

Route 1 – Line 85 Bus (2€)

1. Walk for around 5 mins from the railway station terminal to the bus terminal (Line 85 bus). A bus arrives every 10 minutes.
2. Alight in Teatro Marcello/Ara Coeli
3. Walk to the Roman Forum for approximately 6 minutes (504 meters). Be guided by a navigation app.

Route 2 – Taxi (8€ – 10€)

Hail a cab that will take you to the Roman Forum in 5 mins.

Route 3: (Night bus)

1. From the railway station, walk towards the night bus terminal (termini)
2. From the terminal of night busses, ride to Venezia. The ride will take approximately 11 minutes
3. Walk for 6 minutes to the Roman Forum

Route 4 – Walk

If you’re up for an exercise through a scenic view, walking is an excellent way to tour Rome as you get to its most famous forum.

Rome Travel and Tour Packages

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