Experiencing the South: 8 Things to do while in Davao

Museo Dabawenyo photo by Wikimapia.org

Located in the Southeastern part of Mindanao, Davao is a city that boasts a lot of tourist attractions such as Mt. Apo, the highest peak in the Archipelago. This city infuses business, culture, leisure and nature all in one package. Its 1,494 km away from Metro Manila and you have so many options on how to get there, the fastest and the most convenient way is through riding a plane, it would take you around an hour and a half to get there.

White Sand Beach near Davao City
White Sand Beach near Davao City

Upon arrival in the Airport, worry no more because there is a Visitor’s Information Center that you can readily ask for your needs. They will provide you info about the city, and nonetheless help you experience the best of the best in the city. But if you’re a travel savvy and a born wonderer, you ought to read through, to see 8 great ways to spend your stay in the Majestic City of the South.

#1 Take a ride in a time machine

Museo Dabawenyo photo by Wikimapia.org
Museo Dabawenyo photo by Wikimapia.org

While time machine hasn’t been seen in the flesh yet, who says you can’t relive the past anyways? Take a trip to Museo Dabawenyo, located in Cor. A. Pichon and C.M. Recto Sts., Davao City and is open for FREE every Mondays to Saturdays, 9:00 AM to 12:00 PM and 1:00 PM to 6:00 PM. It has 2 galleries that would educate you about the origins of Davao City, how it looked like before, the changing arts and craft of Davaoneos from before to the modern period, and a whole lot more.

#2 Shoot a selfie on Mt. Apo’s Summit

Mt Apo photo by Incrediblethots via Flickr
Mt Apo photo by Incrediblethots via Flickr

Mt. Apo is said to be the highest peak in the Philippines. Arm yourself with the proper gears, a healthy pair of lungs, some good trekking shoes, a good supply of oxygen (and reserve if you may need one), some skills in trekking and you are good to go. There are three packages you can choose from, one is the Group Package, then there’s the pair package, then if you’re flying solo, there’s a package for that too.

#3 Chase the rapids

Whitewater Rafting in Davao by Tanggera.com
Whitewater Rafting in Davao by Tanggera.com

Die hard extremist would never miss the chance of whitewater rafting. To experience this, grab a ride going to Davao Crocodile Park where you will find the ever famous Davao Wildwater Adventure Incorporated. You will first be oriented about do’s and don’ts of the activity, then another jeepney ride would be provided to travel to Tamugan, where the rafting zone is. Another orientation will be conducted about the rafting lingo which will be used throughout the activity.

#4 Meet and greet Euanthe sanderiana and Pithecophaga jefferyi up close

Philippine Eagle

Davao Eagle Park

Intriguing names don’t you think? Well these are no other than the famous royalty of the animal and plant kingdoms, the Waling waling and Philippine Eagle respectively. Euanthe sanderiana has been called as the Queen of Philippine Flowers, and it is also an endemic species (this plant can only be found in this island alone) in Mindanao, specifically in Davao, Cotabato and Zambaonga. While the Pithecophaga jefferyi is the country’s national bird and is only found here in the Philippines.

#5 Strolling in the deep

Davao Peoples Park photo by Wikimedia.org
People’s Park photo by Wikimedia.org

If you are into walking just for the fun of it, and spending your time with friends and families, then go head to People’s park in Camus St., it is one of the city’s major recreational area. You can see different statues around the 4 hectare park, that houses a mini forest, interactive fountains and activity plaza. Just be remember that gates open at 1 pm and closes at 10 pm.

#6 Durian-ify your stay

Durian in Magsaysay Blvd Davao City
Durian in Magsaysay Blvd Davao City

It is always said that a visit in Davao will never be complete without tasting Durian. It really has a reputation for that odd smell which is coupled by that unexplainably good milky, creamy sweet taste of the fruits flesh. You can’t miss it, its found everywhere in Davao City, and you can even find food products that contain this intriguing fruit.

#7 Fill your food-gasmic desires

Tuna Kinilaw
Tuna Kinilaw

There are a lot of restaurants you can head to get a taste of Davao. Although Davao doesn’t boast dish that they can call their own, there are still a wide array of dishes that they recreate. Try the pomelo salad of Bistro Selera, or head to Blue Post Seafood restaurant, or Marina Tuna for a taste of the sea. If you are into sweets, pastries and everything that has crumbling crusts and yummy fillings come visit Lachi’S Sanz Rival AtbpSaging Republic, Café Marco, Aling Foping’s, Tiny Kitchen, or Blugre Café.

#8 Be in touch with the wild side

Davao Crocodile Park
Crocodile Park Football Field

Davao City has a lot of things in store for the wild. Davao has a state of the art Crocodile Park, located at Ma-a, Talomo District, Davao City, Davao del Sur. It features the River walk Grill, Butterfly house, and Whitewater Rafting (which was mentioned earlier). The package for Crocodile Park, is $ 185 for eight people, inclusive of an exotic lunch. The package also includes a Bird Show, Giant Crocodile Encounter, Crocodile Dancing, Tight rope walking and Wildlife Encounter Interactive.

So what are you waiting for? Pack your bags, fill your pockets with money, and spend an awesome getaway and experience these 8 great things in Davao City.

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