Experience the best of Tempura Japanese Grill with P1,199 group meals

It’s definitely the more the merrier for fans of Japanese cuisine as Tempura Japanese Grill serves up their bestsellers in the form of P1,199 Group Meals. Whether it’s beef, chicken, pork, or seafood they’re in the mood for, Tempura Japanese Grill has got their cravings covered.

Gyuniku Teriyaki
Gyuniku Teriyaki

Diners can choose from three different yet equally satisfying packages.

Those looking for something filling can go for the Bacon Chicken Skewers and Tori Karaage Group Meal. Meat lovers are sure to delight in this package combining a plateful of bacon-wrapped grilled chicken marinated in Tempura Japanese Grill’s own special sauce with deep-fried chicken lightly coated in batter, served with gravy on the side.

Karaage Meal
Karaage Meal

Beef and fusion aficionados will no doubt approve of the Gyuniku Teriyaki and Ebi Bacon Maki Group Meal. Crowd favorite Gyuniku Teriyaki, thinly sliced beef tenderloin marinated in teriyaki sauce, is complemented with maki made with shrimp, winter mushroom, and asparagus wrapped in bacon, which altogether makes for a unique dish combo.


Families can look no further than the Buta Shogoyaki and Tori Tempura Group Meal to satisfy their fried food fix. Stir-fried pork slices seasoned in ginger-based sauce are accompanied by crispy battered chicken strips fried to perfection for a delectable meal that balances various textures and flavors.

Each package comes with generous servings of Ebi Tempura, Kani Salad, Gyoza, Gohan and a Pepsi Tower. For a mouthwatering feast experience, diners can just add P199 to avail of four bowls of Miso Soup and a refillable Pepsi Tower.

Whether it’s for simple brunches, dinner parties and other special gatherings, Tempura Japanese Grill’s Group Meals will surely become a hit for friends and families in the metro.

Indulge the Japanese foodie in you and eat up a storm with these truly delightful food packages! Visit your nearest Tempura Japanese Grill and sample their most sumptuous offerings today.

  1. Micole l Philippine Traveler says

    EBI TEMPURA! Hoping to visit them soon! very appropriate because we happen to travel in a group. I will suggest this! What a great offering!

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