Etihad Airways Offers Up to 50% Discount on Flights

Etihad Airways Business Studio

Etihad Airways Offers Up to 50% Discount on Flights: Fully Flat Beds, Aisle Access From All Seats And More

The world is getting smaller – and cheaper, as Etihad Airways trims down its Business Class fares to a stunning 50 percent off. The lowered rates will apply to travel time between April 25 and December 12, 2016, giving travelers the chance to plan their trips with military precision almost until the end of the year.

Etihad Airways Business Studio
Etihad Airways Business Studio

Etihad Airways Business Class has always been considered one of the finest services, offering the comfort of fully flat beds, food, beverages, snacks and aisle access from all seats. Providing an ‘ala carte’ feature, guests can enjoy the Airway’s “Dine Anytime” policy.

Airport lounges for Business Class passengers are similarly equipped with the best the industry has to offer. In Abu Dhabi International Airport alone, the airline hosts a spa and salon service that fliers can use before or after their exhaustive travel. Well-renowned for their array of first class treatments, the Six Senses Spa and Style & Shave Salon even dish out complimentary services for members of the Business Class flights.

Travelers have to make note that terms and conditions may apply when availing of the 50 percent off discount from Etihad Airlines. Mostly, the discounts are available for flights from Etihad Airlines home country. Return fares, however, are limited to the following flights:

  • Sydney to: Istanbul from AUD 6577, Amsterdam from AUD 6585, Rome from AUD 6599, Madrid from AUD 6587, Milan from AUD 6590, Nairobi from AUD 6264, Doha from AUD 5513 and Mumbai from AUD 5574.
  • Brisbane to: Amsterdam from AUD 6586, Frankfurt from AUD 6630, London from AUD 6745, Manchester from AUD 6721, Milan from AUD 6591, Rome from AUD 6600, Abu Dhabi from AUD 5804 and Seychelles from AUD 5587.
  • Perth to: Athens from AUD 5218, Amsterdam from AUD 5199, Paris from AUD 5256, London from AUD 5363, Rome from AUD 5218, Abu Dhabi from AUD 5712, Nairobi from AUD 5673 and New York from AUD 6388.
  • Melbourne to: Manchester from AUD 6711, Paris from AUD 6628, Rome from AUD 6590, Milan from AUD 6581, Munich from AUD 6610, Frankfurt from AUD 6621, New Delhi from AUD 5580 and Johannesburg from AUD 5569.

For those who are traveling to the United States, Etihad Airlines at the Abu Dhabi International Airport does offer a Pre-Clearance facility while in transit, allowing consumers to simply breeze through Customs without the hassle and waiting.

Etihad Airways premium lounge at JFK
Etihad Airways premium lounge at JFK

If you happen to be a member of Etihad Airlines frequent flyer program, then you can still earn miles through your promotional fares. For more information about Business Class fares, visit or call direct through 1300-532-215.


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