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Elephant Safari – The Best Way to Explore National Parks in India

Elephant Safari in India

Elephant Safari in India

The elephants are known for their calm and friendly nature. During the rule of monarchs, elephants were regarded as the symbol of magnificence. Since then these wild beings serve as a mode of an elephant safari. In fact, even in the present days, elephants allow tourists to sit on their back and explore the wilderness of various wildlife destinations in India.

India Elephant Safari
India Elephant Safari (photo courtesy of Wikimedia)

Wildlife tours to India cannot be imagined without an elephant safari. Be it the Corbett (in Uttarakhand), Kaziranga (in Assam), Ranthambore (in Rajasthan), Sunderban (in West Bengal) or Bandhavgarh (in Madhya Pradesh), almost every national park offers safari on the back of the big mammal as it is very popular among both Indian and foreign tourists.

Elephant Safari – The Best Mode of Safari

Though there are other means of safaris like jeep and canter, elephant safari has always been the tourists’ favorite. The four-wheeled vehicles cannot roam around every part of the park, whereas an elephant gives you the advantage of accessing every nook and corner of the place. Thus, on the grounds of accessing remote areas of the park or sanctuaries, elephants carry the day.

The sounds made by the vehicles disturb the wild inhabitants and they often get frightened and run away.  The elephants belong to the same world of the wilds, and thus when they enter the park; other animals don’t get scared and run. While riding on the big mammal, you get a comparatively closer view of the wild beings’ dwelling in the national parks. Moreover, owing to the great height of this mammal species, wildlife safari tour becomes worthwhile for bird watchers. Yet again, the mammals win a point.

Elephant Safari Contributing to Tourism

This type of safari considerably contributes to wildlife tourism in India. It offers a great experience to the travelers and even allures them to enjoy the ride all over again. In this way, it entices the tourists from different parts of the world.

Elephant Safari in India
Elephant Safari in India

Contributing to wildlife funds

The elephant safari in India generates great funds that are further used for the welfare of the wildlife. The revenue generated by this respective safari is invested for the following purposes:

  • Enhancing the natural habitat of fauna and flora
  • Coming up with new and better technologies for their safety from the poachers
  • Developing state-of-the-art facilities for their health

Bottom Line

Almost every national park in India offers elephant safari, on the other hand, jeep and canter safari are limited to just a few wildlife destinations. This certainly proves the importance and rising popularity of elephant safari in India.

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