Don’t Overlook These Three Unique Islands When Visiting the Caribbean

Which is the best Caribbean island for a holiday?

Beaches in Dominican Republic photo via Pixabay

3 Unique Caribbean Islands to Visit this Summer

If you’re planning a vacation to the Caribbean this year, take a look at these three unique islands.

Beaches in Dominican Republic photo via Pixabay
Beaches in Dominican Republic photo via Pixabay

Dominican Republic

The Dominican Republic is an all-time favorite among vacationers offering an unforgettable cultural experience. Norwegian Cruise Line offers several night cruises to the island. One of the best locations in the world to whale watch is Samana Bay. Tourists are amazed when they first catch sight of these incredible creatures. Cayo Levantado is the perfect family spot with plenty of activities such as swimming snorkeling and shopping.

Sint Maarten / St. Martin

Sint Maarten
Sint Maarten

This unique island is divided in half, with the northern part (St. Martin) belonging to France and the southern part (St. Maarten) belonging to the Netherlands. Remnants of both societies are evident throughout the entire island.

The Dutch side of the island offers a variety of activities, featuring a vibrant nightlife with restaurants, bars, casinos, and popular beaches. The French side is known more for its rich French and Indian Caribbean cuisine, outdoor markets, shopping, and nude beaches.


Beaches in Aruba photo by @pevangelista_ny via Unsplash
Beaches in Aruba photo by @pevangelista_ny via Unsplash

Situated just 17 miles off the coast of Venezuela, Aruba is a popular tourist destination with temperatures almost never falling below 75 degrees. Home to some of nature’s finest splendors, the island is renowned for its white sandy beaches and tropical climate moderated by continuous trade winds from the Atlantic Ocean. Aruba is an island made famous for its natural scenic wonders, featuring coastal adventures on horseback over rugged seashores, snorkeling, and scuba diving in crystal clear waters.

For an unforgettable experience, take the guided tour to the famous Fontein Cave. For those visiting Aruba’s capital, Oranjestad will find plenty of popular attractions. These include restaurants, casinos, nightclubs and a lavish drive-in cinema.

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