Cebu Pacific and UNICEF Feed More Children through “Change for Good” Expansion in Clark Hub

Anne Curtis for UNICEF and Cebu Pacifics Change for Good campaign

Cebu Pacific Set to Get More Donations for Undernourished Children in “Change for Good” Expansion in Clark International Airport

Manila, Philippines – Cebu Pacific is an airline company that not only takes their passengers to their destinations but a company which expresses compassion through charitable works. Running on its third year of expansion for this program is its partnership with United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) which aims to collect donations from passengers of Clark International Airport.

The Change for Good program accepts loose change, unused foreign currency or any amount of money that passengers are willing to shell out. The program began on September 1, 2018, and the money collected will be used to feed children in the Philippines during their first 1,000 days of existence.

Cebu Pacific expands Change for Good initiative to Clark hub
Cebu Pacific expands Change for Good initiative to Clark hub

UNICEF Representative Lotta Sylwander expressed their gratitude to Cebu Pacific in helping fight hunger amongst children in the country. She said that passengers in Clark International Airport can join in the campaign to fight malnutrition in children of the Philippines and by donating; they also help these children have better chances of having a brighter future.

The ‘Change for Good’ initiative was founded by UNICEF in 1987 with Cebu Pacific being the first and only partner in the Philippines and Southeast Asia. UNICEF’s mission for this program is to get donations to feed children without proper nutrition in more than 150 countries. The only local airline partner of UNICEF  “Change for Good” campaign in the country is Cebgo which is a subsidiary of Cebu Pacific. All donations received from kind passengers will be used to feed undernourished children in the marginalized communities in the country.

Anne Curtis for UNICEF and Cebu Pacifics Change for Good campaign
Anne Curtis for UNICEF and Cebu Pacifics Change for Good campaign

Atty. JR Mantaring, Vice President for Corporate Affairs of Cebu Pacific said that they’re very thankful to the passengers who joined the initiative and gave some if not all of their spare. He also said, in a way, donating their spare foreign or loose change can be practical as it just becomes clutter at home.

So why do children need to have a full nutrition in their first 1,000 days? It serves as the foundation of the children in terms of physical and mental ability to grow properly. A child who has been given the right nutrition during these 1,000 days can be healthier 10X and runs lower risk of getting chronic illnesses. That child is also more likely to excel in school and find better-paying jobs as an adult.

There are about 3.4 Filipino children who experience poor nutrition which might result to stunted growth possibilities so the program of UNICEF can change that through the kindness of Cebu Pacific’s passengers.

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