7 Best Breakfast Places in Baguio City

Where to Eat Breakfast in Baguio?

Best Breakfast Places in Baguio City

THE 7 BEST Breakfast Restaurants in Baguio City

Baguio City, Philippines — Breakfast in Baguio is always delightful. The combination of the cold atmosphere and the exposure to nature is the perfect ambiance to wake up to and eat breakfast in the morning. I will never forget my first breakfast in Baguio City, as I enjoyed sipping hot cocoa while watching the early bustle of the city and the fog hovering above the mountains.

Best Breakfast Places in Baguio City
Best Breakfast Places in Baguio City

Are you looking for best places to eat breakfast in Baguio City? This list is a compilation of the 7 best breakfast places in Baguio City. Baguio is home to a lot of restaurants and dining choices, therefore, it can get a little overwhelming. Not to worry, as this list can serve as your reference when choosing. With these delicious breakfast options, you would never want to skip the most important meal of the day in the City of Pines.

Hill Station

Hill Station Baguio City
Hill Station Baguio City

Hill Station located in Casa Vallejo of Upper Session Road is breakfast heaven for breakfast lovers. With an ambiance that is filled with old oak, cedar, and elegant oriental decor, your dining experience will surely be delightful.

Breakfast at the Hill Station is available from 7AM to 10:30AM and offers a wide variety. The breakfast menu is a combination of Asian-style cuisine (with Filipino-specific dishes) and Western breakfast.

It offers exquisite tastes of Baguio longganisa and tapang usa, to the more classic Filipino breakfast foods of sinangag (garlic rice) and scrambled eggs. For a more foreign option, there is the English breakfast that incorporates traditional English breakfast items such as smoked pork sausage, beans, ham, bacon and whole wheat bread. If you prefer something to warm you up in this climate, there are the Adlai Champorado and Adlai Arroz Caldo options. For sweeter tooths, stuffed french toast, Belgian waffles and English muffin are also available.

This is an absolute breakfast paradise with a wide variety of options. Everyone in your group will surely be filled for the day in the Hill Station.


OZARK Diner Breakfast photo via FB page
OZARK Diner Breakfast photo via FB page

OZARK Diner is located in Bear’s Trail, Bakakeng, Baguio City. It’s a bit farther from the city and closer to nature. OZARK Diner is also attached to a bed and breakfast, that could be one of your accommodation options when visiting Baguio.

It prides itself for an all-American Southern Breakfast that is available any time of the day! Breakfast menu items include biscuits and gravy, ham and egg sandwich and fries, breakfast burger with fries, buttermilk pancakes, and french toast. While OZARK Diner boasts its all-American cuisine, there are also Asian food options. These include Filipino breakfast plates, Yang Chow rice, and Kimchi fried rice.

A unique feature of OZARK Diner is that you are given the option to build and customize your own breakfast plate! You are given a variety of choices to choose from that are priced specifically according to servings. These items include sausages, beef tapa, sweet ham, buttermilk pancake, French toast, fried potatoes, bacon, tocino, longganisa and so much more.

Chocolate de Batirol

Choco Late Batirol
Choco Late Batirol

The next breakfast dining place in our list is located in Camp John Hay, a tourist landmark for its golf course and villas on tops of the hills.

Chocolate de Batirol goes way back in history. It’s the only home of chocolate de batirol, a certain kind of traditional hot cocoa made using a hot rod to create thick chocolate that is the perfect hot beverage to sip in the cold Baguio weather. The ambiance of thsi garden-restaurant is relaxing and takes the best qualities of Baguio in one single areas. It is an awarded and recognized garden-restaurant.

Breakfast options include the famed chocolate de batirol, daing na bangus, bibingka, tapa, longganisa, and other Filipino breakfast options.

You can also shop for their other cacao products and learn about cacao cultivation, gardening, and facts.

Café by the Ruins

Bagnet at Cafe by the Ruins
Bagnet at Cafe by the Ruins

Café by the Ruins in Shunting Road is considered as an iconic landmark by itself. It’s been talked about over and over and raved by previous diners that it’s now a household name for breakfast options in Baguio City.

It offers a calming ambience, relying on furnished wood and subtle lighting. Food in Café by the Ruins is made from the freshest vegetables and ingredients that are locally sourced within the Cordilleras and neighboring places. Seasonal fruits and vegetables are also utilized to their full potential. It is the perfect breakfast option for vegetarian diners.

There is a wide variety of pastries and breakfast items to choose from: banana muffins, blueberry muffins, and pancakes and french toasts. These are some of the pastries that are available in Baguio, and they’re made of local ingredients, too! Other must-try breakfast menu items include: beef mami, champorado, and they’re unique kamote bread!

Solibao Restaurant

Breakfast Solibao Restaurant
Breakfast Solibao Restaurant

Solibao Restaurant is another treasure trove for breakfast lovers. There are 3 branches all over Baguio City —Session Road, Cedar Peak, and Burnham Park.

It is well-known for using the freshest ingredients and serving the best versions of classic favorite dishes.

Breakfast choices lean toward traditional Filipino, with menu items like scrambled egg, tapa, longganisa, tocino, bangus, ham, bacon, and adobo that can be paired with plain or garlic rice, and coffee or tea. There are also options for salted egg with tomatoes, and sinangag. If you prefer a lighter breakfast, you can have toast with a hot beverage of your choice. There are also soup options, from sinigang to noodle soups like sotanghon and pancit sabaw.

Café Adriana

Café Adriana, and the first breakfast place on this list—Hill Station—are run by the same owners. Therefore, it is not a wonder that the quality of food in both restaurants are top notch and not far apart.

Café Adriana is famous for their Spanish twist to traditional Filipino dishes like tapa and brick pizza.

Breakfast is served from 8AM to 10:30AM and is served with coffee, hot tea or iced tea. There are three options: Pinoy breakfast filled with Baguio longganisa, pork tocino, garlic rice and pickled vegetables, or Country breakfast with eggs, bacon, fries and sausage, or omelettes with your side of choice. There are also family platter versions of these menu items.

If you’re not in it for a meal, you can choose from their Adlai Grits options of champorado or chicken and seafood arroz caldo.

Breakfast Menu at Pamana Hawaiian Tsokolateria Baguio photo via FB Page
Breakfast Menu at Pamana Hawaiian Tsokolateria Baguio photo via FB Page


True to its name, Tsokolateria is best known for its native tablea blend that is the perfect hot beverage to drink and get you started for a day of city sightseeing, shopping, and food in Baguio City.

Aside from its famed native tablea blend, other must-try dishes in Tsokolateria is their tablea champorado. There are other options to choose from as well such as pancakes topped with toppings of your choice like bananas, nuts, ice cream. Other sweet tablea options: churros, sili labuyo tsoko, and original chocolate eh. Savory options include crispy bacon and chili con carne.

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