Beautiful Barcelona

From the moment you arrive in Barcelona you will be captivated by the people, architecture and stunning views. With so much to do your days will be full and enjoyable. Here are a few favorite spots not to be missed.

Church of the Sacred Family

You can’t be in Barcelona and not learn about the famous architect Antoni Gaudi. He is responsible for numerous buildings in the city, many of which are opened to tourists. Depending how much time you have, you may want to see them all! His unique style, and the history surrounding each location, is fascinating.

If you only have time for one of Gaudi’s buildings you will want to visit the Church of the Sacred Family. Though this is a church, it is mostly visited for the unique Gothic design. Gaudi passed away years ago but the church is still not completed. The building itself is huge and has so much details you can spend hours examining it.

Insider’s tip: order tickets online and get there early to avoid crowds! It is also recommended to get the audio guide so you will get the full experience.

Las Ramblas

This busy pedestrian street is packed with stores, performers and good food. Take a stroll down the street and check out the numerous booths set up. Stop in the market where you can find all kinds of delicious and exotic foods.

Insider’s tip: At the end of the street is the Christopher Columbus statue and a fabulous view of the sea. You can decide to spend some time here, at the wharf. There are shops and attractions here as well as a stop for the hop on hop off bus.

Magic Fountain

Towards evening, hop on a bus and head over to the Magic Fountain. Located in front of the National Palace, these fountains give a spectacular performance of water and lights. The show is free and there are a lot of good spots on the Palace steps to watch the show from.

Insider’s tip: Make sure you check in advance what time the show is running at and if it is running on the days you are visiting. Many people have been disappointed!

Casino de Barcelona

After a full day of site seeing you will be ready for some evening entertainment. Located at the Olympic Port, this casino also has great food and live entertainment. If you have played online games, like those found at Intercasino, you should have no problem trying your luck here. Though poker is one of the most popular games here, the casino has a wide variety of slots and table games.

Insider’s tip: Grab some tapas in the early morning hours to hold you over until breakfast!

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