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Changi Airport Singapore

The days of dusty airstrips and tin-roofed hangars are long gone. If you want to see that sort of thing watch the movie Casablanca because, in today’s world, airports are living and breathing entities that have an intelligence all their own.

free singapore internet locations
Internet Stations at Changi Airport

If you don’t believe me, you might want to pay a visit to South Korea’s Inchon Airport or to Changi Airport in Singapore where technology has been integrated into the design and function of an airline passenger terminal building to such a degree that these are on the verge of being self-monitoring and operating with the humans necessary only to perform their roles.

free mobile charging station changi airport
Mobile phone charging station

Singapore’s Changi Airport was built to be the most modern airport in the world and so it’s no surprise to find things like the 3-D experience zone, free cell phone chargers, carbon offset sinks, and free Wi-Fi throughout – but what is a surprise is what lies underneath the obvious uses of technology. Changi offers a mobile app for cell users so that travelers on the go have instant access to departures, arrivals, and airport conditions. No more need to go running for a terminal screen to find your gate. Just look at your smartphone while you are in this very smart airport.

free internet access singapore airport
More Free Internet at Singapore Airport

The app gives you more than flight info, gate changes, weather, and conditions. It also provides a map and a comprehensive listing of the many services and entertainments available at Changi. As you wander the airport you will see countless IFS terminals – this stands for Instant Feedback System.

internet check-in area in changi airport
Free Internet Check-In

It’s designed so that passengers can instantly register what they like, don’t like, problems, or complaints. Is the restroom dirty (not likely at Changi Airport) but if it is you can use the screen in the restroom to let the staff know about it. Instantly. Even if there is no toilet paper – you can register that. Your feedback goes directly to the cleaning supervisor!

Changi Airport Singapore
Changi Airport Singapore

The entire facility is monitored by maintenance staff using smart phones and in the event of any problems, the staff is instantly notified. This is not just limited to problems with the hardware or architecture. Changi has a full-time staff of Changi Experience Agents whose job is to make sure people enjoy their time in Changi. More than 90 agents who share more than 20 languages are employed solely to assist passengers with whatever might be troubling them from being lost to being bored.

Yeah, Casablanca might be a romantic film, but I’ll take Changi over it any day.

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