Are Meal Kit Delivery Services the Right Choice for you?

Meal Kit Delivery

Meal Kit Delivery Services

If you tend to order takeout quite often, you might be familiar with the meal kit delivery industry. Unlike take out, were you receive prepared food to your door, with meal kits, you receive raw ingredients and a recipe card for preparing your meal.

Who is the audience?

Taking a weekly trip to your supermarket comes with its own pros and cons. While it’s nice to be able to purchase whatever you need, we all tend to over-purchase ingredients. A recent article on CNBC mentioned that in a single year, Americans waste $165 billion dollars in food due to spoiling – that’s alarming!

Meal Kit delivery services such as Amazon Fresh, Blue Apron, Hello Fresh, Sun Basket and Home Chef cater to the audience that prefers to cook their own meals but aren’t thrilled about taking a trip down to the supermarket. Whenever you have meals delivered from any of those companies above, they’ll send you the exact amount of each ingredient to prepare your meal. This way, once you’re done with dinner, you no longer have to vacuum seal your leftover meat or vegetables.

In this article, we are particularly going to discuss Sun basket and Home Chef; two meal kit delivery services that are rapidly rising to the top of the industry.

What is Sun Basket?

Sun Basket is a company that prides itself on being as environmentally friendly, catering to all audiences, and providing organic options. If you’re someone whose looking for a paleo meals or vegetarian meals or gluten-free meals, then Sun Basket is the perfect company for you. Each week, they introduce 18 new meals for each dietary choice.

Sun Basket - Meal Kit Delivery
Sun Basket – Meal Kit Delivery

As a customer, you have the option to select whether you care for two or three weekly meals. Keep in mind that a single meal contains two servings. If you opt for three weekly meals, the cost will come out to $11.49 per serving. If you decide for two weekly meals, the cost will get bumped to $12.49.

At the time of this post, Sun Basket currently ships to 47 states (excluding AK, HI,MT and NM). Whenever you place your order, shipping will come free of charge.

In this review by ReviewingThis, you’ll find several photos depicting the unboxing experience with Sun Basket, particularly in how well the meat is safely preserved on dry ice. More importantly, if you are a new customer with Sun Basket, there are promo codes available, such as this $50 sun basket promo code found on MyFoodSubscriptions.

What is Home Chef?

Home Chef has been around longer than Sun Basket and on paper is quite larger. Unlike Sun Basket, Home Chef doesn’t attempt to cater to dietary restrictions such as vegan or soy-free meals, instead, they offer meals for lunch, premium dinner meals or smoothies.

When it comes to pricing, no matter whether you choose 2,4 or 6 servings, the cost per serving on a traditional meal will come out to $9.95 – lunch meals, on the other hand, come in at $7.99 per serving.

If you’re also interested in the smoothies, then you’ll be happy to hear that they only cost $4.95 per serving. For smoothie options, you must have your own blender.

Similar to Sun Basket, whenever you’re selecting your meals for the week, you’re able to view the nutritional value of all your meals. We’ll use this Tomato Risotto as an example:

For every meal, you can view the ingredients that come with the meal. Even better, the calorie count, cooking time and difficulty level are also shown.

When you do receive your meals, each meal will be individually sealed in a ziplock bag. Similar to Sun Basket, any meat shipped from Home Chef will be found in a vacuum sealed plastic on top of dry ice. If you’re interested in reading a detailed home chef review as well as grabbing a $30 coupon code, click here.


Deciding between Sun Basket or Home Chef comes down to personal preference. If you’re a vegan or someone that needs gluten-free meals, then Sun Basket is the obvious choice. On the flip side, if you have very few dietary restrictions while being a smoothie fanatic, then Home Chef is the better choice.

Ultimately, both companies provide tasty meals, quick and proper shipping, great customer service, and are priced similarly. Considering the promotional code offered by both, it might even be wise to give them both a try!

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