AirAsia Suspends All Flights Between Philippines and China: What You Need to Know

AirAsia Credit Account validity

AirAsia suspends flights between the Philippines and China

Manila, Philippines — Following the news on the spread of the novel coronavirus, AirAsia has announced the cancellation of all flights between the Philippines and China until further notice from the government. The flight cancellation is in compliance with the government’s directive imposing travel restrictions from The People’s Republic of China.

Specifically, the flights include those from Manila, Cebu, and Kalibo to cities in mainland China, Shenzhen, Guangzhou, and Shanghai, Macao SAR, and Hong Kong SAR.

AirAsia suspends selected flights between the Philippines and China photo by @jcgelidon via Unsplash
AirAsia suspends selected flights between the Philippines and China photo by @jcgelidon via Unsplash

If you are among the guests affected by the cancellation of flights, note that you will receive a notification via SMS or email.

The company is encouraging its guests to update their contact details through the “My Bookings” feature on to make sure that they will receive timely notifications.

If you are using the mobile app or website, you can check your flights through the “Flight Status” function.

If you are among the affected guests of the flight cancellations and travel restrictions, here is what you need to know:

Move Flight

You are given a one-time flight change to a new travel date on the same route within 30 calendar days from the original flight time. Note that there will be no additional cost, however, it is still subject to seat availability.

Credit Account

AirAsia says guests affected by the travel restrictions and canceled flights can retain the value of their fare in their AirAsia BIG Loyalty account for future travel with the airline company.

“The online credit account is to be redeemed for booking within 90 calendar days from the issuance date for your travel with us,” says AirAsia in a press statement. “The actual travel dates can be after the expiry date as long as our flight schedule is out.”

Note that this is applicable for affected flights to/from mainline China, Macao SAR, and Hong Kong SAR until March 1, 2020, that was ticketed before Jan. 28, 2020.

2019-nCoV Novel Coronavirus
2019-nCoV Novel Coronavirus

Full Refund

The company is also giving the affected guests an option for a full refund to the original payment method for the amount equivalent to their booking. Again, this is applicable to affected flights from the abovementioned destinations until March 1, 2020, that was ticketed before Jan. 28, 2020.

The refund can be made with AVA at

Here are steps to follow: click the “Refund” from the main menu categories. Next, click the “New Refund Request” then the “Flight Cancellation Refund.”

You will then follow further instructions as directed by AVA.

Now, if you made your bookings via travel agents, such as online travel agents, requests of refund can be made through the agents.

AirAsia further said that its top priorities are the wellbeing and safety of its guests.

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