6 Reasons to Visit Extreme Aeropark Trampoline Park

Visit Extreme Aeropark Trampoline Park

Looking for a great place in Cebu to hang out with your *adult* friends? Well, guess what, the beautiful province of Cebu (no bias here) has opened its doors to various types of adult playgrounds that you would otherwise only see in the capital city.

And if you are not quite convinced about visiting such spots, here are VERY COMPELLING reasons why you  might want considering bringing your barkada to the Extreme Aeropark Trampoline Park in Parkmall, Mandaue.

Trampoline Cebu
Trampoline Cebu

Laser Tag

Let’s all blame it to Barney Stinson, the King of Laser Tag. Parkmall was home to the first and only laser tag playground in Cebu and now it has merged with the trampoline park. In fact, while the trampolines were still being installed, it was their laser tag courts that were attracting visitors.

I still have to try out laser tag before I could challenge Barney Stinson though…


Extreme Aeropark Trampoline Park
Extreme Aeropark Trampoline Park
Aeropark Trampoline Park
Aeropark Trampoline Park
Cebu Trampoline Park
Cebu Trampoline Park

It wouldn’t be a trampoline park without the trampolines, obviously, and this facility has 1,700 square meters of jumping ground! Awesome, right?

Of course, it isn’t just about bouncing up and down the individual trampoline squares. You can go and play dodge ball (as if doing it in playground is not challenging enough), practice parkour, challenge your friends at the battle beam (not sure how this is done) or channel your inner LeBron James at the dodgeball court.

A word of warning: any amount of bouncing is dangerous, even to adults. My partner actually twisted his ankle while enjoying the trampolines. Be sure to follow the rules shown in the video prior to entering the park. And, sorry, children below six years old can’t join in on the fun.

Wall + Foam Pit

Trampoline Park Cebu City
Trampoline Park Cebu City

The trampoline park offers a full body workout so if hitting the gym is not your thing, you will probably like doing your routines here.

For example, you can try out wall climbing to enhance your upper body strength. No harness is involved so in case you slipped or just got too tired to get to the top (it’s only around two persons high), you can just let go and allow yourself to fall on the foam pit down below.

Nope. Getting yourself inside the foam pit is certainly not an excuse from your workout. Getting out of the foam pit is actually much harder with the foams getting in the way of your legs. Or maybe that’s just me and my huuuuge thighs. Haha!

Bubble Soccer

Rowdy isn’t really my thing but species of the opposite gender will love this one. No physical contact is involved but there will be a lot of bouncing off from each other. It can actually be scary since you nearly have no control of how fast you go after bouncing off. It’s also a lot scarier when you’re watching on the sidelines.

Ninja Arena

Trampoline Park
Trampoline Park

I love watching Kacy Catanzaro and, more recently, Jessie Graff during their runs at the Ninja Warrior. I’ve always wanted to become a secret agent or even just a Taekwondo Olympian when I was much younger — and Extreme Aeropark’s Ninja Arena was the closest I could get to doing athletic things.

I got to try out the horizontal ladders and it was HARD. I could even barely pull myself forward without falling over towards the foam pit. The arena has six mini obstacles that are all very challenging. Great upper body workout, definitely!

Snacks + Shower!!!

Well, you have to balance things out, right? And besides, don’t coaches recommended having both pre- and post-workout snacks and meals? Haha! Extreme Aeropark serves delicious Filipino delicacies that are sure to get back sugar in your system. Try to keep your intake in check, of course.

What I also love about the place is that they have lockers and shower rooms so you can freely use it as an alternative to the gym. Walk inside the do a fun full body workout then take a shower and spend the rest of the day hanging out at the Parkmall.

Cool, huh? In case you drop by Cebu and visit Extreme Aeropark, don’t forget to bring me along!

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