The Discovery Palawan Cruise Experience

Experience Discovery Palawan Cruise

An endless horizon that separates the deep blue ocean from the sometimes cloud-filled, other times vibrant hued sky – this has been my daily view aboard the M/V Discovery Palawan ship. This, together with the whole cruise experience, is what I’ve been looking forward to prior to the trip.

Discovery Palawan Cruise
it’s always a different view every day – Discovery Palawan Cruise

The Ship

It was my first time to go on a cruise. Just like any newbie, I had particular expectations as to the look and feel of the ship. I actually imagined it to be bigger similar to the ferry boats I usually see traversing the ocean. At first glance I thought it looked small to carry that many passengers. I proved myself wrong after getting inside. The ship is spacious enough to carry a salon, 20 rooms with own private bathroom, dining and cocktail areas, a kitchen, equipment storage rooms, and more. M/V Discovery Palawan also known as Discovery Fleet has everything you need for a comfortable cruise. The standard room I shared with a fellow blogger comes with two single beds, a desk, a cabinet and a small shower room complete with toiletries and towels.

MV Discovery Palawan at sunset
M/V Discovery Palawan at sunset

standard room with en suite bathroom
standard room with en suite bathroom

The Food

Let me start this by emphasizing how gastronomically satisfying this cruise trip was. The chef and his team sure knows how to whet and appease the guests’ appetites. Every dish and dessert laid on the buffet table was good, with some worthy of a rave. Distinct standouts for me were the tonkatsu, steak, tomato pasta, all the fish dishes and desserts. Mind you, they really got a skilled chef and cook. Every meal is a gastronomic surprise.

food onboard
soup, rice, pork, chicken, veggies, fruits and brownies

Cruising with Discovery Fleet comes with full-board meals, which include dinner on the first day until breakfast on the last day. Not once did I feel hunger nor dismay with the food (and drinks) served to us during the whole trip.

a selection of dishes to choose from
a selection of dishes to choose from – Discovery Palawan Cruise

a selection of dishes to choose from
fruits and dessert are always present

The Activities

Apart from the extraordinary chance of sailing to beautiful islands, Discovery Fleet also offers an array of exciting above and underwater activities with an exclusive touch. There’s diving to begin with. Non-divers can also have a splendid time by snorkeling, kayaking and island hopping throughout the trip.

underwater marvels of Apo Reef
underwater marvels of Apo Reef

spiky sea urchins
you need to be extra careful when snorkeling in Siete Pecados for those spiky sea urchins are sitting on a shallow coral bed

Bliss is evident in the faces of the divers after every dive. It must have been really awesome and surreal down there. I settled for snorkeling since I’m not a certified diver (in time, maybe). I’m not new to the whole snorkeling and island hopping activities, but doing it with the expert guides from Discovery Fleet made it all the more pleasing.

Diver & Sea Whips
diver and sea whips photo from Discovery Cruise

aftermath of an afternoon snorkeling and diving

The Service

On the last day of the trip, we were given a feedback sheet where we can freely write our thoughts and comments on the entire cruise. On the first part of the sheet, we were asked to name the best and lowest part of the trip. I scribbled ‘Quality of Service’ on the blank beside the best part of the trip without any hesitation. The quality of service we experienced all throughout the cruise was really outstanding. Everyone, and that means every single person on the ship – from the managers and the engineering team down to the boatmen, kitchen staff, stewards and divers – was really accommodating and would go out of their way to help and make our stay extra special. Getting that kind of service is worth a rave.

jack of all trades
this man is a jack-of-all-trades

A fellow blogger asked me, ‘So you think that’s the best part of the trip and not the beautiful scenery?’ I said yes. See, the world’s beauty is effortless. Don’t get me wrong. I was absolutely in love with how the sun sets on the blue horizon, with how the ocean’s waves gracefully dance as the boat passes by, with how the sky could be so vibrant and abstract in contrasting hues, with how the clouds add depth and shape to the sky. The captivating scenery onboard the ship was a given. For me, the quality of service takes more effort from the person delivering it. That alone downright impressed me.

chase boat rides
one of the many chase boat rides we had – Discovery Palawan Cruise

Spending five days cruising with Discovery Fleet ( to some of the Philippines’ best islands can give one a much needed vitamin sea. Too much of it, actually. But really, I don’t mind.

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