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Summer, Sun & Water Fun throughout Central America

Water Fun in Central America

Heading to Central America can mean seeing some beautiful sights, enjoying delicious food, submerging into a different culture, and enjoying the beaches. Water play in Central America is a different experience than other corners of the Earth and should not be ignored.

Sea Lounge Catamaran Costa Rica
Sea Lounge Catamaran Costa Rica

Here are our top picks for enjoying the sun, sand, and water while you visit.

Costa Rica

Costa Rica borders the Caribbean Sea and the Pacific Ocean, giving you plenty of options to enjoy both!

On the Pacific Coast, Sealounge Catamaran tours are one of the more popular options. A visit to a private beach means exploring wildlife both in and out of the water.

You will enjoy a smooth catamaran ride and can enjoy some paddle boating or snorkeling to get up close and personal with some manta rays.

Marine Life in Belize
Marine Life in Belize


A visit to Belize can mean a lot of things but for those who love water parks, you will love this place! The El Diablo Bar & Aqua Park can be your most favorite place in all of Belize. An incredibly tall slide that takes you into the ocean, a 300-ft over the sea zip line that takes you to the beach, water trampolines, and water rockets will keep you and the family super busy and enjoy a warm day.

Sunset in El Salvador
Sunset in El Salvador

El Salvador

The beaches of El Salvador are fantastic and are situated on the Pacific coast. This means they have the perfect waves for surfing.  Take some lessons on traditional board surfing or try out a bit of kitesurfing (what US citizens call kiteboarding). If wanting something a bit different, you can also try out a bit of windsurfing. In some areas, you can even do a bit of kayaking for a slightly rough ride that will thrill you to no end.

Beautiful Lake in Guatemala
Beautiful Lake in Guatemala


Guatemala has its own share of beaches but we suggest heading inland for a bit of exploring and water fun. You can certainly find lakes to enjoy but Guatemala is known for its river caves. Kanba cave is a popular spot to explore. You wade through the river in the cave and when you emerge, you continue by tubing down the Kahabon river. If you want something that immerses you into the primitive life that once was, kayaking along Lake Atitlan will certainly appeal to you. As you float along at your own pace, you can reflect on the older generations and how they used these systems as a way to obtain food, travel, or found new places to live. You will see a different side of Guatemala outside of the tourist spots.

Kayaking in Honduras
Kayaking in Honduras


Honduras is home to its own fair share of beaches but what we want to encourage you to explore here is the culture. Nothing screams culture quite like exploring the history of this small country. Mayan sites are still open for all to explore. The Mayans may have a not-so-great reputation for spilling blood but the ruins show how artistic and beautiful they were in design and sculpting. Copan is well-known as the Paris of the Mayan world and you can learn so much about civilization. El Puente is not far and is a smaller version of Copan with fewer tourists. If you can make it that way, we recommend it!

Water Fun Beach in Nicaragua
Water Fun – Beach in Nicaragua


Nicaragua can be best described as the New York City of Central America, just without the same hours. There is a lot to do in Nicaragua and would require dozens of trips to explore it all. Of all the countries in the region, this should be one of your top picks to visit. This is the land of volcanoes and lakes that are home to amazing wildlife. Colonial cities are thriving and allow you to explore the culture on a personal level. The beaches are pristine and beautiful.

Panama Canal at Night
Panama Canal at Night


One cannot create a to-do list of Panama without including a visit to the Panama Canal (history). Watching the Miraflores Locks is a once-in-a-lifetime must! Spend a day at Monkey Island or take an Eco-Cruise along the Canal. Or arrange for a week-long tour of Boquete (sweet oranges and amazing coffee await you), snorkeling at Bocas Del Toro, and hiking in a Nature Reserve.

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